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  1. Ancestors (USA, NY) (The Ancestors, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams)
    Anchor (USA) (The Anchor)
    Anchor Boys (The Anchor Boys)
    Anchoress (Gbr) (The Anchoress)
    Ancient (EGY) (The Ancient)
    Ancient Veil (The Ancient Veil)
    Ancient's Rebirth (The Ancient's Rebirth)
    Anderson (The Anderson, Bas van Nienes, Jeroen van der Werken)
    Andersson, Theresa (Theresa Andersson)
    Andersson, Tomas (Tomas Andersson)
    Andrea True Connection (The Andrea True Connection, Andrea Marie Truden)
    Andrew Hussie Boogaloo (The Andrew Hussie Boogaloo)
    Andrews Sisters (The Andrews Sisters, Die Andrews Sisters)
    Andreya Triana (Triana, Andreya)
    Androcell (Tyler "Quasga" Smith)
    Android Angel (The Android Angel)
    Andy Tillison Diskdrive (Tillison, Andy)
    Andy Timmons Band (Timmons, Andy)
    Angeles Band (The Angeles Band)
    Angelic Process (The Angelic Process)
    Angelic Upstarts (The Angelic Upstarts)
    Angelis (ITA) (The Angelis)
    Angels (The Angels, Angel City, Angels From Angel City)
    Angels of Light (The Angels Of Light)
    Angels Of Venice (The Angels Of Venice , Carol Tatum)
    Angle Obscure (The Angle Obscure)
    Anibal Troilo (Troilo, Anibal)
    Anima Effect (The Anima Effect)
    Animal In Me (The Animal In Me / TAIM / ex-"Deadlines and Diamonds")
    Animals (The Animals)
    Anita Kerr Quartet (The Anita Kerr Quartet)
    Anix (The Anix)
    Anklebiter (Tanner Volz)
    Anmer (The Anmer)
    Anna Tatangelo (Tatangelo, Anna)
    Anna Ternheim (Ternheim, Anna)
    Anna Tsuchiya (Tsuchiya, Anna)
    Another Fine Day (Tom Green)
    Ansible (The Ansible)
    Answer (The Answer)
    Answer Lies in the Black Void (The Answer Lies in the Black Void)
    Answering Machine (GBR) (The Answering Machine)
    Antarctica Project (The Antarctica Project)
    Antares Effect (The Antares Effect)
    Anthony Joos, Todd (Todd Anthony Joos And The Revelators / Todd Anthony Joos & The Revelators)
    Anthony Shadduck Quartet (The Anthony Shadduck Quartet)
    Anthony Wilson Trio (The Anthony Wilson Trio)
    Anti Doctrine (The Anti-Doctrine)
    Antikythera Mechanism (The Antikythera Mechanism)
    Antioch Antioxidant Accident (The Antioch Antioxidant Accident)
    Antiproduct (The Antiproduct)
    Antler King (The Antler King)
    Antler, Tamar (Tamar Antler)
    Antlers (USA) (The Antlers (USA))
    Antonio Testa (Testa, Antonio)
    Antti Tuisku (Tuisku, Antti Tapani)
    AOKI Takamasa (Takamasa, AOKI)
    Apache Relay (The Apache Relay)
    Apaches (The Apaches)
    Apathy Eulogy (The Apathy Eulogy)
    Apers (The Apers)
    Apex Theory (The Apex Theory)
    Aphelion (CAN) (The Aphelion)
    Aphilliates (The Aphilliates, DJ Drama, DJ Jaycee, DJ Sense, DJ Don Cannon)
    Aphorist (The Aphorist)
    Aphrodite (CAN) (Tanza Speed)
    Apocalypse Blues Revival (The Apocalypse Blues Revival)
    Apocalypse Blues Revue (The Apocalypse Blues Revue, The ABR)
    Apparatus (Nor) (The Apparatus)
    Apple Scruffs (The Apple Scruffs)
  2. Apple Zed (The Apple Zed)
    Apples (The Apples)
    Apples In Stereo (The Apples In Stereo)
    Appleseed Cast (The Appleseed Cast)
    Approach (The Approach)
    Approach & The Execution (The Approach & The Execution, The Approach And The Execution)
    April Family (The April Family)
    Aquabats (The Aquabats)
    Aquarius (The Aquarius)
    Aquavoice (Tadeusz Łuczejko)
    Arataca Stoned Farmers (The Arataca Stoned Farmers)
    Arbiter (HUN) (The Arbiter)
    Arbiters (The Arbiters)
    Arbitrary (The Arbitrary)
    Arborist (The Arborist)
    Arbouretum (The Arbouretum)
    Arc Angels (The Arc Angels)
    Arc Light Sessions (The Arc Light Sessions)
    Arc Of Doves (Tetsuya Nakamura, Nakamura, Tetsuya)
    Arc Riders (The Arc Riders)
    Arcade Fire (The Arcade Fire)
    Arcane Order (The Arcane Order / Scavenger (DNK))
    Arcanum Effect (The Arcanum Effect)
    Arch (The Arch)
    Archaic Epidemic (The Archaic Epidemic)
    Archers (SWE) (The Archers)
    Archetype (ITA) (The Archetype)
    Archies (The Archies)
    Architect (USA, California) (The Architect (USA, California))
    Architect (USA, New York) (The Architect (USA, New York))
    Architect Behind It All (The Architect Behind It All)
    Architect Of Nightmares (The Architect Of Nightmares)
    Archives (The Archives)
    Archivist (USA) (The Archivist: Craig Tattersall)
    Archon Satani (Tomas Petersson & Mikael Stravostrand)
    Arcs (The Arcs)
    Arctic Flow (The Arctic Flow)
    Arctic Moon (Thomas Popielarski)
    Arditti Quartet (The Arditti String Quartet / The Anditti String Quartet / Irvine Arditti)
    Argent Dawn (The Argent Dawn)
    Aris (The Aris)
    Aristocrats (The Aristocrats)
    Ark (SWE) (The Ark)
    Arkitecht (The Arkitecht)
    Armada (The Armada)
    Armageddon Dildos (The Armageddon Dildos)
    Armed (The Armed)
    Armiger (The Armiger)
    Armstrong, Tim (Tim Armstrong)
    Arrival Of Satan (The Arrival Of Satan)
    Arrogant Sons Of Bitches (The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches)
    Arrow (The Arrow)
    Arrows (ZAF) (The Arrows)
    Arrs (The Arrs)
    Arson Project (The Arson Project)
    Art Museums (The Art Museums)
    Art Of Blasphemy (The Art Of Blasphemy)
    Art Of Fact (The Art Of Fact)
    Art Of Mankind (The Art Of Mankind)
    Arthur Tatum (Tatum, Arthur / Art Taatum / Art Tatum)
    Artifact (USA) (The Artifact)
    Artifice (CHE) (The Artifice)
    Artificial Arm (The Artificial Arm, Andy Shaw)
    Artificials (The Artificials)
    Artist One (The Artist One / Malachi)
    Arts, Tenille (Tenille Arts)
    Arturo Toscanini (Toscanini, Arturo)
    Artwoods (The Artwoods)
    Arusha Accord (The Arusha Accord)
    Ascended (AUS) (The Ascended)
    Ascendicate (The Ascendicate)
  3. Ascension of Isaiah (The Ascension of Isaiah)
    Ascent (AUS) (The Ascent)
    Ascent of Everest (The Ascent of Everest)
    Aschere Project (The Aschere Project)
    Ash Eaters (The Ash Eaters)
    Ashen Horde (Trevor Portz)
    Ashley Tisdale (Tisdale, Ashley Michelle)
    Ashton, Tony (Tony Ashton)
    Asmus Tietchens (Tietchens, Asmus)
    Assailant (US) (The Assailant)
    Assault (BRA) (The Assault)
    Assemblage 23 (Tom Shear)
    Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound (The Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound)
    Associates (The Associates / Billy Mackenzie)
    Association (USA) (The Association)
    Aster (The Aster)
    Asteroids Galaxy Tour (The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)
    Aston Shuffle (The Aston Shuffle)
    Astro Zombies (The Astro Zombies)
    Astroboy (The Astroboy)
    Astrolabio (The Astrolabio)
    Astronauts (The Astronauts, Dan Carney)
    Astroplex (The Astroplex)
    Ataris (The Ataris)
    Ataxia (USA, MI) (Ted Krisko & Eric Hanna)
    Atlanta Cafe Band (The Atlanta Cafe Band)
    Atlas Moth (The Atlas Moth)
    Atlas Mountains (The Atlas Mountains)
    Atlas, Tim (Tim Atlas)
    Atmos (Tomasz Balicki)
    Atmosfear (The Atmosfear)
    Atmosphere Experience (The Atmosphere Experience)
    Atom Age (The Atom Age)
    Atomic Bitchwax (The Atomic Bitchwax)
    Atomic Bomb Audition (The Atomic Bomb Audition)
    Atomic Dogs (The Atomic Dogs)
    Atomic Fireballs (The Atomic Fireballs)
    Atomic Pulse (Tamir Ozana & Yair Bar-On)
    Atomica (The Atomica Project)
    Atrocity Exhibit (The Atrocity Exhibit)
    Attacca Quartet (The Attacca Quartet)
    Atwood, Tim (Tim Atwood)
    Au.Ra (Tim Jenkins & Tom Crandles)
    Auburn System (The Auburn System)
    Audible Doctor (The Audible Doctor)
    Audiorayz (The Audiorayz)
    Audiots (The Audiots)
    Audition (The Audition / Bob Morris)
    Aurora Observatory (The Aurora Observatory)
    Aurora Project (The Aurora Project)
    Austin Klezmorim (The Austin Klezmorim)
    Australian Art Orchestra (The Australian Art Orchestra, AAO)
    Australian Pink Floyd (The Australian Pink Floyd Show)
    Austrasian Goat (The Austrasian Goat, Julien Louvet)
    Auteurs (The Auteurs)
    Autist (The Autist)
    Autoclav1.1 (Tony Young)
    Automatic (GBR) (The Automatic)
    Autonomads (The Autonomads)
    Autumn Defense (The Autumn Defense)
    Autumn Electric (The Autumn Electric)
    Autumn Leaves Fall In (The Autumn Leaves Fall In)
    Autumn Offering (The Autumn Offering)
    Autumn Project (The Autumn Project)
    Autumns (The Autumns)
    Avalanche Diaries (The Avalanche Diaries)
    Avalanches (The Avalanches)
    Avantasia (Tobias Sammet's Avantasia)