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  1. Blackwater Fever (The Blackwater Fever)
    Blaize, Tommy (Tommy Blaize)
    Blake, Tim (Tim Blake)
    Blame (Tur) (The Blame)
    Blanchard, Terence (Terence Blanchard)
    Blanko (The Blanko)
    Blaque, Travis (Travis Blaque)
    Blasters (The Blasters)
    Blaze Velluto Collection (The Blaze Velluto Collection)
    Bleckmann, Theo (Theo Bleckmann)
    Bled (The Bled)
    Bleeding Light (The Bleeding Light)
    Bleeding Sun (The Bleeding Sun)
    Blessed (The Blessed)
    Blessing Way (The Blessing Way)
    Blessings (USA) (The Blessings)
    Blind Boys of Alabama (The Blind Boys of Alabama)
    Blind Owl Band (The Blind Owl Band)
    Blind Suns (The Blind Suns)
    Blind Surgeons Operation (The Blind Surgeons Operation)
    Blinding Light (The Blinding Light)
    Bliss (Grc) (The Bliss)
    Blister Exists (The Blister Exists (Judge:Dred), Dominic Sahs & Joanna Rein)
    Blood Arm (The Blood Arm)
    Blood Brothers (The Blood Brothers)
    Blood Divine (The Blood Divine)
    Blood Of Heroes (The Blood Of Heroes)
    Blood Reckoning (The Blood Reckoning)
    Bloodcult (The Bloodcult)
    Bloodening (The Bloodening)
    Bloodhound Gang (The Bloodhound Gang)
    Bloodline (DEU) (The Bloodline)
    Bloody Beetroots (The Bloody Beetroots: Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo)
    Bloody Seamen (The Bloody Seamen)
    Blow (USA) (The Blow)
    Blow Monkeys (The Blow Monkeys)
    Blows (The Blows)
    Blue Aeroplanes (The Blue Aeroplanes)
    Blue Angel Lounge (The Blue Angel Lounge)
    Blue Cry (The Blue Cry)
    Blue Dots (The Blue Dots)
    Blue Effect (The Blue Effect, Blue Effekt, Modry Efekt)
    Blue Hawaiians (The Blue Hawaiians)
    Blue Hearts (GBR) (The Blue Hearts (GBR))
    Blue Hearts (JAP) (The Blue Hearts (JAP), Buruha, ブルーハーツ)
    Blue Letter (The Blue Letter)
    Blue Nile (The Blue Nile, Paul Buchanan, Robert Bell, Paul Joseph Moore)
    Blue Poets (The Blue Poets)
    Blue Rider (The Blue Rider)
    Blue Season (The Blue Season)
    Blue Shadows (The Blue Shadows)
    Blue Stones (The Blue Stones)
    Blue Van (The Blue Van)
    Blue Violets (The Blue Violets)
    Bluebirds (The Bluebirds)
    Bluefields (The Bluefields)
    Blueflowers (The Blueflowers)
    Bluegrass 45 (The Bluegrass 45)
    Bluegrass Album Band (The Bluegrass Album Band)
    Blueprint (GBR) (The Blueprint)
    Blues Band (The Blues Band)
    Blues Broads (The Blues Broads)
    Blues Brother Experience (The Blues Brother Experience)
    Blues Brothers (The Blues Brothers)
    Blues Company (The Blues Company)
    Blues Electros (The Blues Electros)
    Blues Messengers (The Blues Messengers)
    Blues Mystery (The Blues Mystery)
    Blues Overdrive (The Blues Overdrive)
    Blues Rebels (The Blues Rebels)
    Blues Spiders (The Blues Spiders)
  2. Blues Swingers (The Blues Swingers)
    Bluesbenders (The Bluesbenders)
    BluesBones (The BluesBones)
    Bluesmasters (The Bluesmasters / Tim Tucker)
    Bluestation (The Bluestation)
    Bluestone (ESP) (The Bluestone)
    Bluetones (The Bluetones)
    Blurt (Ted Milton)
    Boats (The Boats)
    Bobaloos (The Bobaloos)
    Bodin, Tomas (Tomas Bodin)
    Body (The Body & Krieg (Krieg, The Body))
    Body & Thou (The Body & Thou)
    Body Beneath (The Body Beneath)
    Bohicas (The Bohicas)
    Bojarski (The Bojarski)
    Bolin, Tommy (Tommy Bolin / Thomas Richard Bolin)
    Bolla Quartet (The Bolla Quartet / Gabor Bolla / Robert Szakcsi Lakatos)
    Bollenberg Experience (The Bollenberg Experience)
    Bollweevils (The Bollweevils)
    Bomb (The Bomb)
    Bombay Royale (The Bombay Royale)
    Bombpops (The Bombpops)
    Bombs of Enduring Freedom (The Bombs of Enduring Freedom)
    Bon Scott Band (The Bon Scott Band, TBSB)
    Boners (The Boners)
    Bones (The Bones)
    Bones Of J.R. Jones (The Bones Of J.R. Jones)
    Boneshakers (The Boneshakers)
    Bongolian (The Bongolian / Nasser Bouzida)
    Bonham, Tracy (Tracy Bonham)
    Bonny Situation (The Bonny Situation)
    Bony King Of Nowhere (The Bony King Of Nowhere / Bony King / Bram Vanparys)
    Boo (Rus) (The Boo)
    Boo Devils (The Boo Devils)
    Boo Radleys (The Boo Radleys)
    Book Of Knots (The Book Of Knots)
    Boom Section (The Boom Section)
    Boomtown Rats (The Boomtown Rats)
    Boosie Badazz (Torrence Hatch / Boosie Bad Azz)
    Boots (ITA) (The Boots)
    Boppin Gliesers (The Boppin Gliesers, Boppin' Gliesers)
    Boss Hog Barbarians (The Boss Hog Barbarians)
    Bosshoss (The Bosshoss)
    Boston Jolly Pirates (The Boston Jolly Pirates)
    Boston Symphony Orchestra (The Boston Symphony Orchestra)
    Boswell Sisters (The Boswell Sisters, Three Boswell Sisters)
    Botanist (US, Lafayette) (The Botanist)
    Both (The Both)
    Bottans (The Bottans)
    Bottle Doom Lazy Band (The Bottle Doom Lazy Band)
    Bouncing Souls (The Bouncing Souls)
    Bourbons (The Bourbons)
    Bowlin, Travis (Travis Bowlin)
    Bowman, Tim (Tim Bowman)
    Bowness, Tim (Tim Bowness)
    Boxer Rebellion (The Boxer Rebellion)
    Boxing Lesson (The Boxing Lesson)
    Boxmasters (The Boxmasters)
    Boy Least Likely To (The Boy Least Likely To: Pete Hobbs & Jof Owen)
    Boy Will Drown (The Boy Will Drown)
    Boyjazz (The Boyjazz)
    Boys (GBR) (The Boys)
    Boys About Town (The Boys About Town)
    Boys Of Country Nashville (The Boys Of Country Nashville)
    Boys Of Summer (The Boys Of Summer)
    Boys You Know (The Boys You Know)
    Boyscout (The Boyscout)
    Bozzio, Terry (Terry Bozzio)
    Br. Danielson (The Danielson Famile)
    Braces (The Braces)
  3. Bragano, Tony (Tony Bragano)
    Brain Is Dying Down (The Brain Is Dying Down)
    Brain Tentacles (The Brain Tentacles)
    Brainiac 5 (The Brainiac 5, The Brainiac Five, Brainiac Five)
    Brainkiller (The Brainkiller)
    Brains (Can) (The Brains)
    Brake Brothers Band (The Brake Brothers Band)
    Bramerie, Thomas (Thomas Bramerie)
    Bramhall Brothers (The Bramhall Brothers)
    Brand New Heavies (The Brand New Heavies)
    Brandt Brauer Frick (The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble)
    Bratmobile (The Bratmobile)
    Brats (DNK) (The Brats)
    Bravery (The Bravery)
    Braxton Brothers (The Braxton Brothers)
    Braxton, Tamar (Tamar Braxton / Tamar Estine Braxton)
    Braxton, Toni (Toni Braxton / Toni Michelle Braxton)
    Braxtons (The Braxtons)
    Break (Aus) (The Break)
    Break (Usa) (The Break)
    Break In (The Break In)
    Break Up (The Break Up)
    Breakbot (Thibaut Berland)
    Breaks (The Breaks)
    Breath (The Breath)
    Breath Of Life (The Breath Of Life)
    Breathing Process (The Breathing Process)
    Brecker Brothers (The Brecker Brothers, The Brecker Boys, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker)
    Bredrin Daddys (The Bredrin Daddys)
    Breed (Aus) (The Breed)
    Breeders (The Breeders)
    Brew (GBR) (The Brew (GBR))
    Brew (USA) (The Brew (USA))
    Brewer, Teresa (Teresa Brewer)
    Brian Drux Project (The Brian Drux Project)
    Brian Jonestown Massacre (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)
    Bricats (The Bricats)
    Bridal Procession (The Bridal Procession)
    Bride (Aus) (The Bride)
    Bridge (The Bridge)
    Bridgeheads (The Bridgeheads)
    Bright Light Social Hour (The Bright Light Social Hour)
    Bright Sparks (The Bright Sparks)
    Brighter (The Brighter)
    Brilliant Green (The Brilliant Green)
    Brilliant Things (The Brilliant Things)
    Brimstone Days (The Brimstone Days)
    Brimstone Solar Radiation Band (The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band)
    Brinkmann, Thomas (Thomas Brinkmann)
    Brisk (The Brisk)
    Bristles (The Bristles)
    British Expeditionary Force (The British Expeditionary Force)
    Broadsiders (The Broadsiders)
    Brobecks (The Brobecks)
    Broderick, The (The Broderick)
    Broenner, Till (Till Broenner)
    Broilers (The Broilers)
    Broken (USA, Tampa) (The Broken)
    Broken Family Band (The Broken Family Band)
    Broken Homes (The Broken Homes)
    Broken Result (The Broken Result)
    Bronner, Till (Till Bronner)
    Bronx Casket Co (The Bronx Casket Co, The Bronx Casket Co.)
    Bronzed Chorus (The Bronzed Chorus)
    Bronzwaer, Thomas (Thomas Bronzwaer)
    Brooks (Thijs Westbroek)
    Brosseau, Tom (Tom Brosseau)
    Brotherhood Of Pagans (The Brotherhood Of Pagans)