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Letter: T

  1. Bambir (The Bambir)
    Bamboos (The Bamboos / Lance Ferguson)
    Banco de Gaia (Toby Marks)
    Band (The Band)
    Band Apart (ESP) (The Band Apart (ESP), TheBandApart, TBA)
    Band Apart (JAP) (The Band Apart (JAP), ザ・バンド・アパート)
    Band Benefield (The Band Benefield)
    Band Ice Cream (The Band Ice Cream)
    Band Justus (The Band Justus)
    Band Of Heathens (The Band Of Heathens)
    Band of Holy Joy (The Band of Holy Joy, Holy Joy)
    Band Perry (The Band Perry)
    Bang Gang (USA) (The Bang Gang)
    Bangalter, Thomas (Thomas Bangalter)
    Banging Souls (The Banging Souls)
    Bangles (The Bangles)
    Banjo Lounge 4 (The Banjo Lounge 4)
    Bankesters (The Bankesters)
    Bankrupt Conspiracy (The Bankrupt Conspiracy)
    Banks, Tony (Tony Banks / Anthony George Banks / Bankstatement / Strictly Inc.)
    Banner (The Banner)
    Bar-Kays (The Bar-Kays)
    Barabas, Tom (Tom Barabas)
    Barber (The Barber)
    Bare Minimum (The Bare Minimum)
    Barfod, Tomas (Tomas Barfod / TomBoy)
    Baris Manco (Tosun Yusuf Mehmet Barış Manço)
    Barker, Travis (Travis Barker / Travis Landon Barker)
    Barlights (The Barlights)
    Barnett, Tracey (Tracey Barnett)
    Barque Of Dante (The Barque Of Dante)
    Barr Brothers (The Barr Brothers)
    Barra MacNeils (The Barra MacNeils)
    Barry Sisters (The Barry Sisters, Bagelman Sisters, Berry Sisters)
    Barry, Tim (Tim Barry)
    Barstool Philosophers (The Barstool Philosophers)
    Bartlett, Thomas (Thomas Bartlett)
    Baseball Project (The Baseball Project)
    Baseballs (The Baseballs)
    Basement Paintings (The Basement Paintings)
    Basement Project (The Basement Project, The Basement Pröject)
    Basement Scene (The Basement Scene)
    Basement Smoke (The Basement Smoke)
    Basia (Trzetrzelewska, Basia, Barbara Trzetrzelewska)
    Basics (The Basics)
    Bass, Tommy (Tommy Bass)
    Bastard Noise (The Bastard Noise, MITBN, M.I.T.B. Bastard Noise, Man Is The Bastard Noise)
    Bastard Suns (The Bastard Suns)
    Batallion (The Batallion)
    Bates Brothers (The Bates Brothers)
    Bates, Tyler (Tyler Bates)
    Bats (NZL) (The Bats (NZL))
    Battle (USA) (The Battle)
    Bavarian Electro Gang (The Bavarian Electro Gang)
    Baxter, Tasha (Tasha Baxter)
    Baxter, Tom (Tom Baxter)
    Bay City Rollers (The Bay City Rollers, The Rollers)
    BBC Big Band (The BBC Big Band / The BBC Big Band Orchestra)
    BBC National Orchestra (The BBC National Orchestra, Welsh Symphony Orchestra, The BBC National Orchestra Of Wales, BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra)
    Beach Boys (The Beach Boys)
    Beach Bullies (The Beach Bullies)
    Beast Of NOD (The Beast Of NOD)
    Beatconductor (Ture Sjoeberg)
    Beathard, Tucker (Tucker Beathard)
    Beatles (The Beatles)
    Beatnuts (The Beatnuts)
    Beautiful Mistake (The Beautiful Mistake)
    Beautiful Ones (The Beautiful Ones)
    Beautiful South (The Beautiful South)
    Beauty Of Drowning (The Beauty Of Drowning)
    Beauty Of Gemina (The Beauty Of Gemina)
  2. Beauty Room (The Beauty Room)
    Beck, Jeff (The Jeff Beck Group)
    Beck, Thavius (Thavius Beck / Thavius Ajabu Beck)
    Becker-Bender, Tanja (Tanja Becker-Bender)
    Beckoning (The Beckoning)
    Bedir, Tolga (Tolga Bedir)
    Bedroom Philosopher (The Bedroom Philosopher)
    Bee Gees (The Bee Gees )
    Beenie Man (The Invincible Beany Man / Little Beeny Man / Anthony Moses Davis)
    Bees (The Bees)
    Beginning Of The End Of The World (The Beginning Of The End Of The World)
    Begotten (USA, NY) (The Begotten, Stolas)
    Begowatts (The Begowatts)
    Beholder (NLD) (The Beholder, Jeroen Streunding)
    Beholder (USA) (The Beholder)
    Beki Brindle Blues Band (The MThe Beki Brindle Blues Bandountains)
    Bellamy Brothers (The Bellamy Brothers)
    Belle Game (The Belle Game)
    Bellicose Minds (The Bellicose Minds)
    Belmont Playboys (The Belmont Playboys)
    Belonging (The Belonging)
    Beloved (The Beloved)
    Belushis (The Belushis)
    Ben Cameron Project (The Ben Cameron Project)
    Ben Cote Band (The Ben Cote Band)
    Ben Phelps Project (The Ben Phelps Project)
    Bend Sinister (The Bend Sinister)
    Bendal Interlude (The Bendal Interlude)
    Bending Tree (The Bending Tree)
    Bendzko, Tim (Tim Bendzko)
    Beneath (USA) (The Beneath)
    Benn, Tony (Tony Benn, Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn)
    Bennett, Tony (Tony Bennett)
    Bennies (The Bennies)
    Benny Benassi (The Biz)
    Benny Havens Band (The Benny Havens Band)
    Bereaved (The Bereaved)
    Beremy Jets (The Beremy Jets)
    Berg Sans Nipple (The Berg Sans Nipple)
    Berg, Tim (Tim Bergling / Avicii)
    Bergen Big Band (The Bergen Big Band)
    Berne, Tim (Tim Berne)
    Berzerker (The Berzerker)
    Besnard Lakes (The Besnard Lakes)
    Best Of The Worst (The Best Of The Worst)
    Best Pessimist (The Best Pessimist: Сергей Лунёв / Sergey Lunev)
    Beta Machine (The Beta Machine)
    Beths (The Beths)
    Betrayer's Judgement (The Betrayer's Judgement)
    Betty Fox Band (The Betty Fox Band)
    Bevan, Tony (Tony Bevan)
    Beverly Secret (The Beverly Secret)
    Bevis Frond (The Bevis Frond)
    Beyond (USA) (The Beyond)
    Beyond Twilight (Twilight (Dnk))
    Bhaktas (The Bhaktas)
    Big Blue House (The Big Blue House)
    Big Dirty (The Big Dirty)
    Big East (The Big East)
    Big Moon (The Big Moon)
    Big Pink (The Big Pink)
    Big Scary (The Big Scary)
    Big Three (The Big Three)
    Big Tray Deee (Tracy Davis, Traydee, Tre Dee Of Tha Eastsidaz, Tre Deee (Of The East Sidaz), Trey Deee)
    BigBlue (The BigBlue)
    Bigger Lights (The Bigger Lights)
    Biggs, Travis (Travis Biggs)
    Bigness (The Bigness)
    Bikel, Theodore (Theodore Bikel, Theodor Meir Bikel, Theodore Bikel & The Pennywhistlers)
    Bilinda Butchers (The Bilinda Butchers)
    Billionaires (The Billionaires)
  3. Billy Jones Band (The Billy Jones Band, Billy Jones Bluez)
    Binary Code (The Binary Code)
    Bird And The Bee (The Bird And The Bee, The Bird & The Bee)
    Bird Index (The Bird Index)
    Birds (The Birds)
    Birthday (JPN) (The Birthday)
    Birthday Massacre (The Birthday Massacre, Imagica, TBM)
    Birthday Party (The Birthday Party)
    Biscuit Merchant (The Biscuit Merchant)
    Bishops (The Bishops, Mike Bishop, Pete Bishop, Chris McConville)
    Bitter-Town Hounds (The Bitter-Town Hounds)
    Bitum's (The Bitum's)
    Black (Swe) (The Black (SWE))
    Black (USA) (The Black (USA))
    Black Academy (The Black Academy)
    Black Acadia Mourning (The Black Acadia Mourning)
    Black and White Years (The Black and White Years / The Black & White Years)
    Black Angels (USA) (The Black Angels)
    Black Box Revelation (The Black Box Revelation: Jan Paternoster & Dries Van Dijck)
    Black Crowes (The Black Crowes)
    Black Crown (The Black Crown)
    Black Dahlia Murder (The Black Dahlia Murder, TBDM)
    Black Dawn (FIN) (The True Black Dawn)
    Black Dog (The Black Dog)
    Black Dots Of Death (The Black Dots Of Death)
    Black Explosion (The Black Explosion)
    Black Eyed Peas (The Black Eyed Peas, Taboo, Will.I.Am, Apl de Ap, Fergie)
    Black Fall (The Black Fall)
    Black Family (The Black Family)
    Black Furs (The Black Furs)
    Black Ghosts (The Black Ghosts: Simon William Lord & Theo Keating)
    Black Guild (The Black Guild)
    Black Heart Procession (The Black Heart Procession)
    Black Heart Rebellion (The Black Heart Rebellion, TBHR)
    Black Holes Into The Streets (Timofey Chervykov / Тимофей Червяков)
    Black Irish Band (The Black Irish Band)
    Black Keys (The Black Keys)
    Black League (The Black League)
    Black Lips (The Black Lips)
    Black Lodge (ITA) (The Black Lodge)
    Black Marble Selection (The Black Marble Selection)
    Black Marbles (The Black Marbles)
    Black Maria (The Black Maria)
    Black Market Trust (The Black Market Trust)
    Black Moods (The Black Moods)
    Black Moriah (The Black Moriah)
    Black Noodle Project (The Black Noodle Project)
    Black Oak Arkansas (The Knowbody Else / Jim Dandy's Black Oak Arkansas)
    Black Passage (The Black Passage)
    Black Queen (The Black Queen)
    Black Rabbits (The Black Rabbits)
    Black Rain (ITA) (The Black Rain)
    Black Rose Phantoms (The Black Rose Phantoms)
    Black Ryder (The Black Ryder)
    Black Seeds (The Black Seeds)
    Black Skirts (The Black Skirts)
    Black Sorrows (The Black Sorrows)
    Black Sun Aeon (Tuomas Saukkonen)
    Black Swamp (The Black Swamp)
    Black Symphony (The Black Symphony)
    Black Thought (Tariq Luqmaan Trotter)
    Black Tongued Bells (The Black Tongued Bells)
    Black Velvet Band (The Black Velvet Band)
    Black Widow's Project (The Black Widow's Project, The Black Widows Project)
    Black Wizards (The Black Wizards)
    Black Yo)))ga Meditation Ensemble (The Black Yo)))ga Meditation Ensemble, The Black Yoga Meditation Ensemble)
    Black Zombie Procession (The Black Zombie Procession, BZP)
    Blackest Covet (The Blackest Covet)