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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Brief manual for purchasing and downloading mp3-tracks

It's strongly recommended to read the Public agreement and Terms and Conditions before you start to purchase and download the music files.

You can find disired tracks using our advanced search window or looking trough alphabetical catalog. Or simply browse through entire site. Albums and/or tracks available for download are marked with checkboxes. So you can easily add them to "cart".

Mark/unmark desired tracks or albums with checkboxes (white squares just on the right side of each item) and click the "Add to Cart" button beneath to add the tracks or entire album to your shopping cart.

The default way for each album selects ALL tracks to be downloaded. You can remove any tracks you do not wish to download in your shopping cart. After deleting any unwanted tracks click the "Buy" button.

After pressing "Buy" button all track move to your "Orders" page. Their cost will be taken off from your balance card. So you need to have positive balance greater than the total sum of your purchase.

All tracks and albums now kept in your order's list.

To download your mp3 tracks, click on the link for each track. You will see a window which says: "Do you want to open or save your file?". Select the "Save" option to save to a location of your choice. If you select the "Open" option, the file will simply open and play. The file will not be saved to your computer until you select the "Save" option. Once the file is saved on your computer you can rename the file and move it to a portable MP3 player.

If you want to change your email-login name just ask us. Send us a message with the new desired email to from your current email address. If you have lost access to your old email account, you can send it from a new one. But in this case you need to describe your last payment data and details of your last purchase.