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Public agreement

Policies and public agreement:

By registering at Mediaclub and starting to download mp3-files, you agree to abide by the license provided in regard to the download of music from this website. Any download purchase of a digital musical file from this website shall entitle you to personal use of such digital music file throughout the world for the life of the copyright of the sound record and the musical work embodied in the sound recording. Your use of any purchased digital musical file shall allow you to transfer the file to your own computer, portable music device or to burn the same on a CD-R or other digital music storage media, but shall not entitle you to transfer such digital music file to any third party or to place such digital music file on a peer-to-peer network or to transfer such digital music file to any media that is not solely owned and controlled by you. You acknowledge and agree that to violate the terms as set out above shall constitute a copyright infringement under applicable laws, and legislation set by all signatories to the international Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

You also agree to not sell or rent the digital musical file purchased on this website or participate in any activity where the digital musical file is the sole element in securing financial gain.

All the materials on this website are available solely for personal use. Further distribution, resale or broadcasting is prohibited.

The MP3 files you download from this website will play on audio players in computers or other MP3 players. There are no software restrictions for mp3 files.

We assume no responsibility for mp3 performance when transferred to a CD-R due to non-standard methods of burning, etc.

When you purchase and download from Mediaclub you will receive only the mp3 music files. The CD cover and the contents may be downloaded as jpeg image files to your own computer.

If you have any problems playing mp3 files, visit these sites for players:

INFORMATION NOTE in agreement with the Legislative Decree of June 30th, 2003

Purpose of the data treatment
Mediaclub will treat personal data for the following purposes:
-purposes connected and aimed at the site to let the customer have unique, private and secure access to his balance, orders list and orders history.
-purposes connected to the providing by customer  secured and trusted payments using online payment systems (PayPal, Credit card processing etc.).
Data Treatment procedure
The data will be treated mainly only a computerized mode, in accordance with the privacy and security rules, established by law. The data may be treated by employees and/or co-workers of the Mediaclub in compliance to the regulatory requirements and for the above mentioned purposes.
Rights of the persons concerned
According to the LD no. 196/2003, paragraph 7, every person concerned has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence of his/her personal data, even if they are not yet registered, and the communication in an intelligible form of their origin and their purpose. The person concerned has also the right to ask the updating, the modification or the elimination of his/her personal data. 

Meanwhile Mediaclub do not and will never share your account data including your email with any third-party. We will never sell your account data under any circumstances. We do not and will never share your email address with mailing lists. We will never initiate contact with you unless the communication is account related, or unless you have consented to such communication.

Also read our updated (May 25th, 2018) Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can update, manage, and delete your information.