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  1. Canny Brothers Band (The Canny Brothers Band)
    Capaces (The Capaces)
    Capital Beat (The Capital Beat)
    Capp, Todd (Todd Capp)
    Cappellino, Tiziana (Tiziana Cappellino)
    Captain Hates the Sea (The Captain Hates the Sea)
    Captain Hollywood Project (Tony Dawson-Harrison, Capt. Hollywood, Cpt. Hollywood )
    Car Is On Fire (The Car Is On Fire)
    Caracal Project (The Caracal Project)
    Carburetors (The Carburetors)
    Cardigans (The Cardigans)
    Cardinal Effect (The Cardinal Effect)
    Cardona, Trinidad (Trinidad Cardona)
    Caretaker (The Caretaker, Jim Kirby)
    Carey, Tony (Tony Carey)
    Carlson, Steve (The Steve Carlson Band)
    Caroloregians (The Caroloregians)
    Carolyn Hester Coalition (The Carolyn Hester Coalition)
    Carpainter (Taimei Kawai)
    Carpenters (The Carpenters)
    Carpet Knights (The Carpet Knights)
    Carpettes (The Carpettes)
    Carreira, Tony (Tony Carreira, António Manuel Mateus Antunes)
    Carrier (The Carrier)
    Carrington, Terri Lyne (Terri Lyne Carrington)
    Cars (The Cars)
    Carson Downey Band (The Carson Downey Band)
    Cartel (TUR) (The Cartel)
    Carter Family (The Carter Family, The Original A.P. Carter Family, The Original Carter Family)
    Carter, Tim (Tim Carter)
    Carter, Tom (Tom Carter)
    Cartographers' Son (The Cartographers' Son)
    Carvin Jones Band (The Carvin Jones Band)
    Casal, Tino (Tino Casal)
    Casanovas (The Casanovas)
    Casara, Tristan (Tristan Casara, DJ Tristan Casara)
    Cascades (DEU) (The Cascades)
    Cash Box Kings (The Cash Box Kings)
    Casino Brawl (The Casino Brawl)
    Casket Lottery (The Casket Lottery)
    Cassandra Complex (The Cassandra Complex)
    Cassar-Daley, Troy (Troy Cassar-Daley)
    Cassidy Scenario (The Cassidy Scenario)
    Cassini Projekt (The Cassini Projekt)
    Cast Of Cheers (The Cast Of Cheers)
    Cast Pattern (The Cast Pattern)
    Castro, Tommy (Tommy Castro, Tommy Castro Band)
    Casualties (The Casualties)
    Cat Empire (The Cat Empire)
    Cat Sass Blues Band (The Cat Sass Blues Band)
    Cat's Miaow (The Cat's Miaow)
    Cat's Pajamas Old School Jazz Band (The Cat's Pajamas Old School Jazz Band)
    Catalyst (Can) (The Catalyst (Can))
    Catalyst (USA, Richmond) (The Catalyst (USA))
    Cataracs (The Cataracs)
    Catenary Wires (The Catenary Wires)
    Catharsis (GBR, Birmingham) (The Catharsis)
    Cathode Terror Secretion (The Cathode Terror Secretion, Jesse Allen, John Mannion)
    Cats (The Cats)
    Cats & the Fiddle (The Cats & the Fiddle)
    Catz Ass (The Catz Ass)
    Cavalera Conspiracy (The Cavalera Conspiracy, Max Cavalera, Igor "Iggor" Cavalera)
    Cave Singers (The Cave Singers)
    Cavemen (The Cavemen)
    Ceccaldi, Theo (Theo Ceccaldi)
    Celebration Army (The Celebration Army)
    Celibate Rifles (The Celibate Rifles)
    Celtic Tenors (The Celtic Tenors)
    Cemetary Girlz (The Cemetary Girlz)
    Centurians (The Centurians (The Centurions))
    Cerny Brothers (The Cerny Brothers)
  2. Chain Gang of 1974 (The Chain Gang of 1974 / Kamtin Mohager)
    Chainguns (The Chainguns)
    Chains (The Chains)
    Chainsmokers (The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart & Alex Pall)
    Chair (The Chair)
    Chalets (The Chalets)
    Challengers (The Challengers)
    Challis Effect (The Challis Effect)
    Chamanas (The Chamanas)
    Chameleons (The Chameleons)
    Chancers (The Chancers)
    Changing Light (The Changing Light)
    Chant (The Chant)
    Chantre, Teofilo (Teofilo Chantre)
    Chaos Magic (Timo Tolkki & Caterina Nix (Cati Torrealba))
    Chaos Order (The Chaos Order)
    Chaotic Aspect (The Chaotic Aspect)
    Chap (The Chap)
    Chapin, Thomas (Thomas Chapin , Thomas Chapin Trio)
    Chaplin, Tom (Tom Chaplin, Thomas Oliver Chaplin)
    Chapman, Tracy (Tracy Chapman)
    Chariot (USA) (The Chariot)
    Charlatans (The Charlatans)
    Charles (The Charles)
    Charles Hyde Band (The Charles Hyde Band)
    Charles, Teddy (Teddy Charles)
    Charles, Tina (Tina Hoskins, Tina Charles)
    Charlie (GBR) (Terry Thomas / Charlie (UK))
    Charlie Daniels (The Charlie Daniels Band)
    Charlton, Manny (The Manny Charlton Band)
    Charm The Fury (The Charm The Fury)
    Chasm (The Chasm)
    Chats (The Chats)
    Checkers (The Checkers)
    Checks (NZL) (The Checks)
    Cheeks (The Cheeks)
    Cheetah Girls (The Cheetah Girls)
    Chelsea Smiles (USA) (The Chelsea Smiles)
    Chemical Brothers (The Chemical Brothers, Edmund John Simons, Thomas Owen Mostyn Rowlands, The Dust Brothers, Bonus Beats Orchestra)
    Chemical Mind (The Chemical Mind)
    Chemical Sweet Kid (The Chemical Sweet Kid, CSK)
    Chemists (The Chemists)
    Chemodan (The Chemodan, Чемодан)
    Cherry Coke$ (The Cherry Coke$, The Cherry Cokes)
    Cherry Point (The Cherry Point, Phil Blankenship)
    Cherry Wave (The Cherry Wave)
    Cheshire Strangler (The Cheshire Strangler)
    Chesterfield Kings (The Chesterfield Kings, Paisley Zipper Band)
    Cheung, Teresa (Teresa Cheung)
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra (The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra And Chorus)
    Chicharones (The Chicharones: Sleep & Josh Martinez)
    Chieftains (The Chieftains)
    Chiffons (The Chiffons)
    Childers, Tyler (Tyler Childers)
    Children (UK) (The Children)
    Chills (The Chills)
    Chimpz (The Chimpz)
    Chin, Tessanne (Tessanne Chin)
    Chin, Tsai (Tsai Chin)
    Chiodos (The Chiodos Bros.)
    Chipmunks (The Chipmunks, Alvin and The Chipmunks)
    Chiron, Tom (Tom Chiron, Thomas Doepke)
    Chocolate Watchband (The Chocolate Watchband)
    Choir (USA, OH) (The Choir)
    Choir (USA, TN) (The Choir)
    Choir of St Edmundsbury Cathedral (The Choir of St. Edmundsbury Cathedral)
    Choir of Trinity College (AUS) (The Choir of Trinity College, Melbourne)
    Choir of Trinity College (GBR) (The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge)
    Choirboys (The Choirboys, Ben Inman, Andrew Swait, William Dutton, Bill Goss)
    Chong, Tien (Tien Chong)
    Chosen (The Chosen)
  3. Chris Eger Band (The Chris Eger Band)
    Chris Rolling Squad (The Chris Rolling Squad)
    Christensen, Tim (Tim Christensen)
    Christpunchers (The Christpunchers)
    Chromatics (The Chromatics)
    Chrome Cranks (The Chrome Cranks)
    Chronicles Of St Kunst (The Chronicles Of St Kunst)
    Chronicles Project (The Chronicles Project)
    Chronological Classics (CD series) (The Chronological Classics (CD series))
    Chua, Tanya (Tanya Chua)
    Chuck Norris Experiment (The Chuck Norris Experiment)
    Church (Aus) (The Church)
    Church Bizzare (The Church Bizzare)
    Ciem Show (The Ciem Show)
    Cimmerian Path (The Cimmerian Path)
    Cinema Eye (The Cinema Eye)
    Cinema Show (The Cinema Show)
    Cinematics (The Cinematics)
    Circle Of Tyrants (USA) (The Circle Of Tyrants)
    Circle Project (The Circle Project)
    Circular Ruins (The Circular Ruins)
    Cistercian Monks (The Cistercian Monks)
    Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz (The Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz)
    Citations (The Citations)
    Citradels (The Citradels)
    Citty, Titty (Titty Citty)
    City (The City)
    City And Horses (The City And Horses)
    City Boys Allstars (The City Boys Allstars)
    City Champs (The City Champs)
    City Harmonic (The City Harmonic)
    City Of Prague Philharmonic (The City Of Prague Philharmonic, Filharmonici Města Prahy, City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
    City On Film (The City On Film)
    City Waites (The City Waites)
    Civil Wars (The Civil Wars: John Paul White & Joy Williams)
    Clamps (The Clamps)
    Clan Destined (UK) (The Clan Destined)
    Clancy Brothers (The Clancy Brothers, The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, The Clancy Brothers & Louis Killen, The Clancy Brothers & Robbie O'Connell: Clancy, O'Donnell & Clancy)
    Clark, Terri (Terri Clark)
    Clark, Twinkie (Twinkie Clark)
    Clarks (The Clarks)
    Clash (The Clash)
    Class Assassins (The Class Assassins)
    Classic Crime (The Classic Crime)
    Classic Struggle (The Classic Struggle)
    Clause (The Clause)
    Clay People (The Clay People)
    Claymore (DEU) (The Claymore)
    Claypool Lennon Delirium (The Claypool Lennon Delirium)
    Clean (Nzl) (The Clean)
    Cleaners from Venus (The Cleaners from Venus)
    Cleansing (The Cleansing)
    Clearing Path (The Clearing Path)
    Cleveland Orchestra (The Cleveland Orchestra)
    Click Five (The Click Five)
    Clientele (The Clientele)
    Clifton, Tony (Tony Clifton)
    Cliks (The Cliks)
    Climax Blues Band (The Climax Chicago Blues Band)
    Clinton Administration (The Clinton Administration)
    Clipse (The Clipse)
    Clock (The Clock)
    Clock Reads (The Clock Reads)
    Clockwork Dolls (The Clockwork Dolls)
    Close Readers (The Close Readers)
    Closers (The Closers)
    Cloud Room (The Cloud Room)
    CloudRunner (The CloudRunner)