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Letter: T

  1. Chicharones (The Chicharones: Sleep & Josh Martinez)
    Chieftains (The Chieftains)
    Chiffons (The Chiffons)
    Childers, Tyler (Tyler Childers)
    Children (UK) (The Children)
    Chills (The Chills)
    Chimpz (The Chimpz)
    Chin, Tessanne (Tessanne Chin)
    Chin, Tsai (Tsai Chin)
    Chiodos (The Chiodos Bros.)
    Chipmunks (The Chipmunks, Alvin and The Chipmunks)
    Chiron, Tom (Tom Chiron, Thomas Doepke)
    Chocolate Watchband (The Chocolate Watchband)
    Choir (USA, OH) (The Choir)
    Choir (USA, TN) (The Choir)
    Choir of St Edmundsbury Cathedral (The Choir of St. Edmundsbury Cathedral)
    Choirboys (The Choirboys, Ben Inman, Andrew Swait, William Dutton, Bill Goss)
    Chong, Tien (Tien Chong)
    Chosen (The Chosen)
    Chris Rolling Squad (The Chris Rolling Squad)
    Christensen, Tim (Tim Christensen)
    Christpunchers (The Christpunchers)
    Chromatics (The Chromatics)
    Chrome Cranks (The Chrome Cranks)
    Chronicles Project (The Chronicles Project)
    Chronological Classics (CD series) (The Chronological Classics (CD series))
    Chua, Tanya (Tanya Chua)
    Chuck Norris Experiment (The Chuck Norris Experiment)
    Church (Aus) (The Church)
    Church Bizzare (The Church Bizzare)
    Ciem Show (The Ciem Show)
    Cimmerian Path (The Cimmerian Path)
    Cinema Eye (The Cinema Eye)
    Cinema Show (The Cinema Show)
    Cinematics (The Cinematics)
    Circle Of Tyrants (USA) (The Circle Of Tyrants)
    Circle Project (The Circle Project)
    Circular Ruins (The Circular Ruins)
    Cistercian Monks (The Cistercian Monks)
    Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz (The Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz)
    Citations (The Citations)
    Citradels (The Citradels)
    Citty, Titty (Titty Citty)
    City (The City)
    City And Horses (The City And Horses)
    City Boys Allstars (The City Boys Allstars)
    City Champs (The City Champs)
    City Harmonic (The City Harmonic)
    City Of Prague Philharmonic (The City Of Prague Philharmonic, Filharmonici Města Prahy, City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
    City On Film (The City On Film)
    City Waites (The City Waites)
    Civil Wars (The Civil Wars: John Paul White & Joy Williams)
    Clamps (The Clamps)
    Clan Destined (UK) (The Clan Destined)
    Clancy Brothers (The Clancy Brothers, The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, The Clancy Brothers & Louis Killen, The Clancy Brothers & Robbie O'Connell: Clancy, O'Donnell & Clancy)
    Clark, Terri (Terri Clark)
    Clarks (The Clarks)
    Clash (The Clash)
    Class Assassins (The Class Assassins)
    Classic Crime (The Classic Crime)
    Classic Struggle (The Classic Struggle)
    Clay People (The Clay People)
    Claymore (DEU) (The Claymore)
    Claypool Lennon Delirium (The Claypool Lennon Delirium)
    Clean (Nzl) (The Clean)
    Cleaners from Venus (The Cleaners from Venus)
    Cleansing (The Cleansing)
    Clearing Path (The Clearing Path)
    Click Five (The Click Five)
    Clientele (The Clientele)
    Clifton, Tony (Tony Clifton)
  2. Cliks (The Cliks)
    Climax Blues Band (The Climax Chicago Blues Band)
    Clinton Administration (The Clinton Administration)
    Clock (The Clock)
    Clock Reads (The Clock Reads)
    Clockwork Dolls (The Clockwork Dolls)
    Close Readers (The Close Readers)
    Closers (The Closers)
    Cloud Room (The Cloud Room)
    CloudRunner (The CloudRunner)
    Clueso (Thomas Hubner)
    CNK (The CNK , Count Nosferatu Kommando)
    Coathangers (The Coathangers)
    Cobbs (The Cobbs)
    Cobbs, Tasha (Tasha Cobbs, Tasha Cobbs Leonard)
    Cobra (GBR, Belfast) (The Tearjerkers)
    Cocaine Wolves (The Cocaine Wolves)
    Cochrane, Tom (Tom Cochrane)
    CocknBullKid (The CocknBullKid, Anita Blay)
    Cockney Rejects (The Cockney Rejects)
    Codex (Swe) (The Codex)
    Coffin Daggers (The Coffin Daggers)
    Coffinshakers (The Coffinshakers)
    Cog Is Dead (The Cog Is Dead)
    Cohen, Tim (Tim Cohen)
    Cold (Deu) (The Cold)
    Cold Blue (Tobias Schuh)
    Cold Existence (The Cold Existence)
    Cold Harbour (The Cold Harbour)
    Cold Rush (The Cold Rush)
    Cold Stares (The Cold Stares)
    Cold That Lasts All Winter (The Cold That Lasts All Winter)
    Cold Within (The Cold Within)
    Collage (US) (The Collage)
    Collapsar (Thibaud)
    Collectors (Can) (The Collectors)
    Collectors (UK) (The Collectors)
    Collins, Travis (Travis Collins)
    Colontonio, Tom (Tom Colontonio, Thomas Colontonio)
    Color Fred (The Color Fred)
    Color Glass (The Color Glass)
    Color Morale (The Color Morale)
    Color Turning (The Color Turning)
    Colosseum (USA) (The Colosseum)
    Colts (The Colts)
    Comas (The Comas)
    Comet Is Coming (The Comet Is Coming)
    Commander Tom (Tom Weyer)
    Commercial Hippies (The Commercial Hippies)
    Commodores (The Commodores)
    Common Era (The Common Era)
    Common Linnets (The Common Linnets)
    Communards (The Communards)
    Company (The Company)
    Company (USA, CO) (The Company (USA, CO))
    Company Band (USA) (The Company Band (USA))
    Company Corvette (The Company Corvette)
    Company of Snakes (The Company of Snakes)
    Computers (The Computers)
    Comsat Angels (The Comsat Angels)
    Conchita Wurst (Thomas Neuwirth)
    Concrete, Tommy (Tommy Concrete)
    Concretes (The Concretes)
    Concubine (USA) (The Concubine)
    Concussions (The Concussions)
    Conduit (The Conduit)
    Confederacy (The Confederacy)
    Confession (USA) (The Confession)
    Conglomerate (The Conglomerate)
    Congos (The Congos, Cedric Myton, Roydel Johnson, Watty Burnett)
    Conjuration (USA, Danville) (The Conjuration (USA, Danville))
  3. Conjuration (USA, Pulaski) (The Conjuration (USA, Pulaski))
    Connells (The Connells)
    Conquering (The Conquering)
    Conqueror Worms (The Conqueror Worms)
    Consequence (*) (The Consequence)
    Consort Of Musicke (The Consort Of Musicke)
    Conspiracy (The Conspiracy)
    Containers (The Containers)
    Continentals (The Continentals)
    Contortionist (The Contortionist)
    Control (USA, CA, Santa Cruz) (Thomas Garrison)
    Controllers (The Controllers)
    Convalescence (The Convalescence)
    Convois (The Convois)
    Cook, Tony (Tony Cook)
    Cookie Monsta (Tony Cook)
    Cool Kids (The Cool Kids)
    Cool Notes (The Cool Notes)
    Cooltrane Quartet (The Cooltrane Quartet)
    Cooper Brothers (The Cooper Brothers)
    Cooper Temple Clause (The Cooper Temple Clause)
    Copyrights (The Copyrights)
    Coral (GBR) (The Coral)
    Coral Sea (The Coral Sea)
    Corals, The (The Corals)
    Corinians (The Corinians)
    Cormier, Travis (Travis Cormier)
    Corner Laughers (The Corner Laughers)
    Cornshed Sisters (The Cornshed Sisters)
    Coronas (The Coronas)
    Corrales, Tony (Tony Corrales, Tony Corrales Band)
    Corrections (GBR) (The Corrections / The Fallout Trust / Guy Connelly & Joe Winter)
    Corrs (The Corrs)
    Cosmetics (The Cosmetics)
    Cosmic Dead (The Cosmic Dead)
    Cosmic Rain (AUS) (The Cosmic Rain)
    Cosmic Roots (The Cosmic Roots)
    Cosmic Surf Club (The Cosmic Surf Club)
    Cosmithex (Tanel Kurnim)
    Coster, Tom (Tom Coster, Tomas Coster)
    Coterie (The Coterie)
    Cotner, Tyler (Tyler Cotner)
    Cottars (The Cottars)
    Cottura, Toni (Toni Cottura)
    Count (The Count)
    County Medical Examiners (The County Medical Examiners)
    Counzil (The Counzil)
    Coup (USA) (The Coup)
    Couple (The Couple / Дмитрий Васильев & Екатерина Чернявская)
    Course (The Course, Dewi Lopulalan, Vincent Hendriks)
    Court & Spark (The Court and Spark)
    Courteeners (The Courteeners, Liam Fray, Daniel Moores, Mark Cuppello, Michael Campbell)
    Coventry (The Coventry)
    Cover Up (The Cover Up)
    Cowboy Prostitutes (The Cowboy Prostitutes)
    Cowslingers (The Cowslingers, Jason MacNeil)
    Cox , Tony (Tony Cox)
    Cox Family (The Cox Family)
    Crab Apples (The Crab Apples)
    Crack Of Doom (The Crack Of Doom)
    Crackling (The Crackling)
    Cracow Klezmer Band (The Cracow Klezmer Band / Bester Quartet)
    Cramps (The Cramps)
    Cranberries (The Cranberries)
    Crash Moderns (The Crash Moderns)
    Crash Motive (The Crash Motive)
    Crawling (The Crawling)
    Crawling Chaos (RUS) (The Crawling Chaos)