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  1. .357 String Band (The .357 String Band)
    10 Second Drop (Ten Second Drop)
    101 Strings Orchestra (The 101 Strings Orchestra, The World's First Stereo Scored Orchestra, Al Sherman, David L. Miller, Monty Kelly)
    11th Commandment (The 11th Commandment / The Eleventh Commandment)
    11th Hour (NLD) (The 11th Hour)
    11th Plague (The 11th Plague)
    12 Gauge Outrage (Twelve Gauge Outrage)
    13th Floor Elevators (The 13th Floor Elevators)
    13Tries (Thirteen Tries / ThirteenTries / 13 Tries)
    1975 (The 1975)
    2 Bears (The 2 Bears / The Two Bears)
    2 Chainz (Tauheed Epps)
    2 Headed Dogs (Two Headed Dogs)
    2 Weeks (Two Weeks)
    2012 (USA, ON) (TwentyTwelve)
    23 Trublion 23 (Trublion 23)
    241ers (The 241ers)
    25th Hour (The 25th Hour)
    2Spirals (TwoSpirals)
    2wo (Two)
    3 (USA) (Three)
    3 Headed Monster (The Three Headed Monster)
    3 Inches Of Blood (Three Inches Of Blood)
    3 Wishes (Three Wishes)
    3 Years Hollow (Three Years Hollow)
    30 Seconds To Mars (Thirty Seconds To Mars)
    357 (TripAt7)
    39Steps (The 39Steps)
    3D-Ghost (Tony Gonzalez)
    3rd And The Mortal (The 3rd And The Mortal / The Third and the Mortal)
    3rd Force (Third Force, Alain Eskinasi, Craig Dobbin, William Aura)
    3rd Key (The 3rd Key, The Third Key)
    3rd Strike (Third Strike)
    3thera (THERA)
    4-Ize (Tony Hayes III)
    401 (The 401)
    44's (The 44's, The 44s, The44s, The 44s Band)
    484 South Band (The 484 South Band)
    49ers (USA) (The 49ers: Jason Williamson & Marcus Watkins)
    4i20 (Tiago Sena Valadares)'s (The's)
    69 Cats (The 69 Cats)
    69 Eyes (The 69 Eyes)
    7 Method (The 7 Method)
    808 Mate (Thomas Hammann)
    90 Day Men (The 90 Day Men)
    96 Brigade (The 96 Brigade)
    9m88 (Tang Yuqi / Baba / 湯毓綺)
    9th Planet Out (The 9th Planet Out)
    A Soul Called Perdition (Tuomas Kuusinen)
    A-Gang (The A-Gang)
    Aaberge, Tone Damli (Tone Damli Aaberge)
    Aaron Clift Experiment (The Aaron Clift Experiment)
    Abandonment (The Abandonment)
    Abattoir Murders (The Abattoir Murders)
    Abbasi Brothers (The Abbasi Brothers, Amman Abbasi, Yousuf Abbasi)
    Abbott (NLD) (Thomas Muis)
    Aberration (The Aberration)
    Abiotx (The Abiotx)
    Abominable Iron Sloth (The Abominable Iron Sloth)
    Abominable Twitch (The Abominable Twitch)
    Absence (USA) (The Absence)
    Abstract Vision (The Abstract Vision, Михаил Филимонов, Michael Filimonov)
    Abyss (SWE) (The Abyss)
    Abyssinians (The Abyssinians: Bernard Collins, Donald Manning)
    Acacia Strain (The Acacia Strain)
    Academic (The Academic)
    Academy Is (The Academy Is...)
    Academy Of Ancient Music (The Academy Of Ancient Music)
    Acappella Company (The Acappella Company)
    Accident Experiment (The Accident Experiment)
  2. Accidentals (The Accidentals)
    Accursed (USA, MA) (The Accursed)
    Accused (The Accused)
    Ace Of Clubs (The Ace Of Clubs / Luke Francis Vibert)
    Aces (The Aces)
    Achievers (The Achievers)
    AchtVier (Timo Molloisch)
    Acorn (The Acorn)
    Acorn, Taylor (Taylor Acorn)
    Acrylic Tones (The Acrylic Tones)
    Act (ROU) (TrupaACT)
    Acting Apes (The Acting Apes)
    Action (The Action)
    Acylum (Totem Obscura / Pedro Engel & Nadine Engel (Cooraz))
    Adams, Tom (Tom Adams)
    Addication (The Addication)
    Addiction Dream (The Addiction Dream)
    Adekaem (The Adekaem)
    Adicts (The Adicts)
    Administrator (USA, ID) (The Administrator)
    Adolescents (The Adolescents)
    Adorkables (The Adorkables)
    Adrina Thorpe (Thorpe, Adrina)
    Adults (The Adults)
    Advantage (USA) (Ne) (The Advantage)
    Advent Equation (The Advent Equation)
    Adverts (The Adverts)
    Advisory Circle (The Advisory Circle, Jon Brooks)
    Aenigmachine (The Aenigmachine)
    Aeons Collapse (The Aeons Collapse)
    Aeons Torn (The Aeons Torn)
    Aerium (The Aerium)
    Aether Tree (The Aether Tree)
    Afghan Whigs (The Afghan Whigs)
    Afro Kid (The Afro Kid, Kevin King, Aquarius 26-1,Aquarius 26.1)
    After Effect (The After Effect)
    Afterlife (ISR) (The Afterlife)
    Afternoon Gentlemen (The Afternoon Gentlemen)
    Afters (The Afters)
    Age Of Sound (The Age Of Sound)
    Ages (Gbr) (The Ages)
    Aggrolites (The Aggrolites)
    Aggrovators (The Aggrovators, The Aggrovators (Bunny Lee), The Aggrovators Band, The Aggrovayors, The Agrovators)
    Agnes Circle (The Agnes Circle / Florian Voytek & Rachael Redfern)
    Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir (The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir)
    Agonist (The Agonist, The Tempest)
    Agony Of Time (The Agony Of Time)
    Agony Scene (The Agony Scene)
    Ahmed Romel - The Ray Of Trance (Radioshow) (The Ray Of Trance (Ahmed Romel - Radioshow))
    AI of Rah (The AI of Rah)
    Ailment (The Ailment)
    Ainslie, Tim (Tim Ainslie, Tim Ainslie And The Vibes)
    Air I Breathe (The Air I Breathe)
    Airborne Toxic Event (The Airborne Toxic Event)
    Airmen Of Note (The Airmen Of Note)
    Airplane (The Airplane)
    Ait! (Tairy Ceron)
    Akai (The Akai)
    Aki Takahashi (Takahashi, Aki)
    Akira Takasaki (Takasaki, Akira)
    Akkerman, Tim (Tim Akkerman, Tim Akkermans)
    Alabama (The Alabama)
    Alan Parsons Project (The Alan Parsons Project)
    Alarm (The Alarm)
    Alaskan (USA) (The Alaskan)
    Albion Christmas Band (The Albion Christmas Band / The Albion Band / The Albion Country Band / The Albion Dance Band)
    Albion Codex (The Albion Codex)
    Album Leaf (The Album Leaf / Jimmy LaValle)
    Alchemist (USA, CA) (The Alchemist / Alan Daniel Maman)
    Alchemy (Kz) (The Alchemy)
    Alchemy (USA, Texas) (The Alchemy)
  3. Alexandre Tharaud (Tharaud, Alexandre)
    Alexandria Quartet (The Alexandria Quartet)
    Alexsander (The Alexsander)
    Alfee (The Alfee)
    Algorithm (The Algorithm / The Alg0r1thm / ∆lgor1thm / Rémi Gallego & Mike Malyan)
    Ali Project (Takarano Arika, Katakura Mikiya)
    Alien Blakk (The Alien Blakk)
    Aliens (The Aliens)
    Aliens (GBR, Scotland) (The Aliens)
    Alkaholiks (The Alkaholiks)
    All Star Percussion Ensemble (The All Star Percussion Ensemble)
    All-American Rejects (The All-American Rejects)
    Allan Taylor (Taylor, Allan)
    Allen Toussaint (Toussaint, Allen)
    Allen, Terry (Terry Allen)
    Allergies (The Allergies)
    Alligators (The Alligators)
    Allman Brothers Band (The Allman Brothers Band)
    Allmen brothers (The Allmen brothers)
    Allseeing I (The Allseeing I)
    Allstar Project (The Allstar Project)
    Almas (The Almas)
    Almighty (The Almighty)
    Almighty Grind (The Almighty Grind)
    Almighty Punchdrunk (The Almighty Punchdrunk)
    Almost (The Almost)
    Almost Three (The Almost Three)
    Alpaca Gnomes (The Alpaca Gnomes)
    Alpha Band (The Alpha Band)
    Alpha Blondy (The Solar System, Seydou Kone, Seydou Koné)
    Alpha Conspiracy (The Alpha Conspiracy)
    Alpha Incident (The Alpha Incident)
    Alps (The Alps)
    Altered Hours (The Altered Hours)
    Alternate Routes (The Alternate Routes)
    Aluminum group (The aluminum group)
    Alvin Lee (The Alvin Lee Band)
    Amano, Tsukiko (Tsukiko Amano, 天野月子)
    AMANTRA (Thierry Arnal)
    Amazing (The Amazing)
    Amazing Keystone Big Band (The Amazing Keystone Big Band)
    Amazombies (The Amazombies)
    Amazons (The Amazons)
    Amber Light (The Amber Light)
    Amber Will (The Amber Will)
    Ambition (USA, IL) (Thom Griffin)
    Ambition (USA, NY) (The Ambition)
    Amenta (The Amenta)
    American Analog Set (The American Analog Set)
    American Classic (The American Classic)
    American Dollar (The American Dollar)
    American Emergency (The American Emergency)
    American Life (The American Life)
    American Plague (The American Plague)
    American Scene (The American Scene)
    Americans (The Americans)
    Americas (The Americas)
    Amigos (USA) (The Amigos)
    Amistad (The Amistad)
    Amity Affliction (The Amity Affliction)
    Amon Tobin (Tobin, Amon)
    Amorettes (The Amorettes)
    Amoriello (Thomas Amoriello)
    Amplifetes (The Amplifetes)
    Amplifires (The Amplifires)
    Amsterdam Red Light District (The Amsterdam Red Light District)
    Ana Torroja (Torroja, Ana Fungairiño)
    Anabasis (The Anabasis)