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  1. Brahms (The Brahms)
    Brain Is Dying Down (The Brain Is Dying Down)
    Brain Tentacles (The Brain Tentacles)
    Brainiac 5 (The Brainiac 5, The Brainiac Five, Brainiac Five)
    Brainkiller (The Brainkiller)
    Brains (Can) (The Brains)
    Brake Brothers Band (The Brake Brothers Band)
    Bramerie, Thomas (Thomas Bramerie)
    Bramhall Brothers (The Bramhall Brothers)
    Brand New Heavies (The Brand New Heavies)
    Brandt Brauer Frick (The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble)
    Bratmobile (The Bratmobile)
    Brats (DNK) (The Brats)
    Brave (AUS) (The Brave)
    Bravery (The Bravery)
    Braxton Brothers (The Braxton Brothers)
    Braxton, Tamar (Tamar Braxton / Tamar Estine Braxton)
    Braxton, Toni (Toni Braxton / Toni Michelle Braxton)
    Braxtons (The Braxtons)
    Breaching Experiment (The Breaching Experiment)
    Break (Aus) (The Break)
    Break (Usa) (The Break)
    Break In (The Break In)
    Break Up (The Break Up)
    Breakbot (Thibaut Berland)
    Breakmen (The Breakmen)
    Breaks (The Breaks)
    Breath (The Breath)
    Breath Of Life (The Breath Of Life)
    Breathing Process (The Breathing Process)
    Brecker Brothers (The Brecker Brothers, The Brecker Boys, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker)
    Bredrin Daddys (The Bredrin Daddys)
    Breed (Aus) (The Breed)
    Breeders (The Breeders)
    Brew (GBR) (The Brew (GBR))
    Brew (USA) (The Brew (USA))
    Brewer, Teresa (Teresa Brewer)
    Brian Drux Project (The Brian Drux Project)
    Brian Jonestown Massacre (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)
    Bricats (The Bricats)
    Bridal Procession (The Bridal Procession)
    Bride (Aus) (The Bride)
    Bridge (USA) (The Bridge)
    Bridgeheads (The Bridgeheads)
    Briefs (The Briefs)
    Bright Light Social Hour (The Bright Light Social Hour)
    Bright Sparks (The Bright Sparks)
    Brighter (The Brighter)
    Brilliant Green (The Brilliant Green)
    Brilliant Things (The Brilliant Things)
    Brimstone Days (The Brimstone Days)
    Brimstone Solar Radiation Band (The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band)
    Brinkmann, Thomas (Thomas Brinkmann)
    Brisk (The Brisk)
    Bristles (The Bristles)
    Brit Funk Association (The Brit Funk Association)
    British Expeditionary Force (The British Expeditionary Force)
    Broadsiders (The Broadsiders)
    Brobecks (The Brobecks)
    Broderick, The (The Broderick)
    Broenner, Till (Till Broenner)
    Broilers (The Broilers)
    Brokedown Dukes (The Brokedown Dukes)
    Broken (USA, Tampa) (The Broken)
    Broken Family Band (The Broken Family Band)
    Broken Homes (The Broken Homes)
    Broken Ones (The Broken Ones)
    Broken Result (The Broken Result)
    Bronner, Till (Till Bronner / Till Brönner)
    Bronx Casket Co (The Bronx Casket Co, The Bronx Casket Co.)
    Bronzed Chorus (The Bronzed Chorus)
  2. Bronzwaer, Thomas (Thomas Bronzwaer)
    Brooks (Thijs Westbroek)
    Brosseau, Tom (Tom Brosseau)
    Brotherhood Of Pagans (The Brotherhood Of Pagans)
    Brothers Blue (The Brothers Blue)
    Brothers Comatose (The Brothers Comatose)
    Brothers Four (The Brothers Four)
    Brothers Johnson (The Brothers Johnson, George Johnson & Louis Johnson)
    Brought Low (The Brought Low)
    Broussard, Trina (Trina Broussard)
    Browne, Tom (Tom Browne)
    Browning (The Browning)
    Bruce Katz Band (The Bruce Katz Band)
    Bruhn, Tine (Tine Bruhn)
    Brummies (The Brummies)
    Brunborg, Tore (Tore Brunborg)
    Brunettes (The Brunettes)
    Brussels Jazz Orchestra (The Brussels Jazz Orchestra)
    Brutal Aftermath (The Brutal Aftermath)
    Brutal Deceiver (The Brutal Deceiver)
    Brute (GBR) (The Brute:)
    Bryant, Tracy (Tracy Bryant)
    Buccaneer (The Buccaneer)
    Buck, Tiras (Tiras Buck / Tiras M Buck)
    Buck, Tony (Tony Buck)
    Bucketheads (The Bucketheads, Bobbleheads)
    Buckley, Tim (Tim Buckley)
    Buddaheads. (The Buddaheads, Buddaheads, Buddah Heads, B.B. And The Screaming Buddah Heads)
    Buddha Mothers (The Buddha Mothers)
    Budos Band (The Budos Band)
    Buffalo Springfield (The Buffalo Springfield, Dewey Martin, Jim Messina, Bruce Palmer, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Stephen Stills)
    Bug (USA) (The Bug (USA))
    Buggles (The Buggles)
    Building (The Building)
    Bukshot (Tim Kalbfleisch)
    Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra (The Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra)
    Bulletmonks (The Bulletmonks)
    Bully Boys (The Bully Boys)
    Bunch (The Bunch)
    Bunny The Bear (The Bunny The Bear)
    Buns (The Buns)
    Buoys (The Buoys)
    Burden (CAN) (The Burden (CAN))
    Burden (USA, TX) (The Burden (USA, TX))
    Burden Remains (The Burden Remains)
    Bureau Of Nonstandards (The Bureau Of Nonstandards)
    Burgess, Tim (Tim Burgess / Timothy Allan Burgess)
    Burial (USA, IN) (The Burial)
    Burial Ground (USA) (The Burial Ground)
    Burning (Dnk) (The Burning)
    Burning Bush (The Burning Bush)
    Burning Crows (The Burning Crows)
    Burning Dogma (The Burning Dogma)
    Burning Hotels (The Burning Hotels)
    Burning Issue (The Burning Issue)
    Burning Wind (The Burning Wind)
    Burns Sisters (The Burns Sisters, The Burns Sisters Band)
    Bush Chemists (The Bush Chemists)
    Bush League (The Bush League)
    Bushwackers (The Bushwackers)
    Busta Rhymes (Trevor Tahiem Smith)
    Butch Cassidy Sound System (The Butch Cassidy Sound System / Michael Hunter)
    Butcher (NLD) (The Butcher)
    Butcher Blues Foundation (The Butcher Blues Foundation)
    Butcher Sisters (The Butcher Sisters)
    Butcher's Rodeo (The Butcher's Rodeo, TBR)
    Butchers (The Butchers)
    Butler Twins (The Butler Twins, Clarence Butler, Curtis Butler)
    Butterfly Effect (The Butterfly Effect)
    Buttertones (The Buttertones)
    Butthole Surfers (The Butthole Surfers / P)
  3. Butts Band (The Butts Band)
    BuzzDealers (The BuzzDealers)
    Buzzhorn (The Buzzhorn)
    Buzzhounds (The Buzzhounds)
    Bye Bye Blackbirds (The Bye Bye Blackbirds)
    Bynum, Taylor Ho (Taylor Ho Bynum)
    Byrd, Tracy (Tracy Lynn Byrd)
    Byrdells (The Byrdells)
    Byrds (The Byrds)
    C In Zac (The C In Zac)
    C.E.O. (The CEO, The C.E.O.)
    Cab (USA, NV) (The Cab)
    Cactus Blossoms (The Cactus Blossoms)
    Cactus Channel (The Cactus Channel)
    Cadillac Three (The Cadillac Three, The Cadillac Black)
    Cage (It) (The Cage)
    Cain, Tane (Tane Cain)
    Calderon, Tego (Tegui Calderon Rosario)
    California Honeydrops (The California Honeydrops)
    Callier, Terry (Terry Callier (Terrence Orlando Callier))
    Calling (The Calling)
    Calm Before The Massacre (The Calm Before The Massacre)
    Calm Blue Sea (The Calm Blue Sea)
    Cambion (The Cambion)
    Cambridge Consort (The Cambridge Consort)
    Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder (The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder)
    Can (The Can, Thee Can)
    Canadian Tenors (The Canadian Tenors, Fraser Walters, Victor Micallef, Remigio Pereira, Jamie McKnight)
    Cancel (UKR) (The Cancel)
    Cancer Conspiracy (The Cancer Conspiracy)
    Candace Brooks Band (The Candace Brooks Band)
    Candies (The Candies, キャンディーズ)
    Candle Thieves (The Candle Thieves)
    Candlepark Stars (The Candlepark Stars)
    Candy Snatchers, The (The Candy Snatchers)
    Candy Spooky Theater (The Candy Spooky Theater)
    Cannon, Toronzo (Toronzo Cannon)
    Canny Brothers Band (The Canny Brothers Band)
    Capaces (The Capaces)
    Capital Beat (The Capital Beat)
    Capp, Todd (Todd Capp)
    Cappellino, Tiziana (Tiziana Cappellino)
    Captain Hates the Sea (The Captain Hates the Sea)
    Captain Hollywood Project (Tony Dawson-Harrison, Capt. Hollywood, Cpt. Hollywood )
    Car Is On Fire (The Car Is On Fire)
    Carburetors (The Carburetors)
    Cardigans (The Cardigans)
    Cardinal Effect (The Cardinal Effect)
    Caretaker (The Caretaker, Jim Kirby)
    Carey, Tony (Tony Carey)
    Carlson, Steve (The Steve Carlson Band)
    Caroloregians (The Caroloregians)
    Carolyn Hester Coalition (The Carolyn Hester Coalition)
    Carpainter (Taimei Kawai)
    Carpenters (The Carpenters)
    Carpet Knights (The Carpet Knights)
    Carpettes (The Carpettes)
    Carreira, Tony (Tony Carreira, António Manuel Mateus Antunes)
    Carrier (The Carrier)
    Carrington, Terri Lyne (Terri Lyne Carrington)
    Cars (The Cars)
    Carson Downey Band (The Carson Downey Band)
    Cartel (TUR) (The Cartel)
    Carter Family (The Carter Family, The Original A.P. Carter Family, The Original Carter Family)
    Carter, Tim (Tim Carter)
    Carter, Tom (Tom Carter)
    Cartographers' Son (The Cartographers' Son)
    Carvin Jones Band (The Carvin Jones Band)