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Your image is looks like your second skin

December 15, 2017
Snakecharmer - Second Skin (Japan Edition)

The energetic atmosphere of efficiency, the desire to create and change everything around Sounds Like A Plan begins the Snakecharmer - Second Skin (Japan Edition) album brightly and with inspiration.
That Kind Of Love develops inspiration in the direction of lyrical romance the following composition, in pensive vocal phrases enveloping the pensive atmosphere of emotional experiences, sweeping a vigorous impulse in the chorus.
An important and solemn march Are You Ready To Fly, driving the steps into an uneasy path with rhythmic instrumental motifs, marches under the evolving banners of the lofty keyboards passages.
Hope and doubt wovens together in the enchanting musical passage of the Follow Me Under introduction, interrupted by the vocal in the verse and rising in the chorus in a full-scale extravaganza.
Delicate ballad I'll Take You As You Are motifs brings waves of romance and warmth to the native places, warming with their native care.
Alarmed and mysterious melodies develop into fantastic transfusions of guitar and keyboard passages Hell Of A Way To Live, wrapping vocal phrases with glittering illusions of unsolved mysteries.
Repeating again and again right now, the soft, thoughtful ballad Fade Away is enveloped in the atmosphere of unhurried meditations, hiding goals and directions in a cloud of thoughts.
The free spirit of rock "n" roll dances in a weighty encouraging manner, Dress It Up creates a mood for non-relentless movement and constant changes.
Punching Above My Weight continues this style, but vocal phrases and musical decisions become more experienced and thoughtful, making decisions not so hasty.
Rhythmically, confidently, but giving in to doubts the Forgive & Forget main motive, enveloped in keyboard additions, rolls its waves along the chosen path.
The main part of the album ends with a romantic ballad Where Do We Go From Here, combining on the one hand the style of bards sagas, on the other - country style. Well, who in the previous part seemed a lot of medieval manifestations of art or not so native folk stylistics On My Way (Acoustic) (Japanese Bonus Track) complements the sound of the previous composition, revealing this combination is even more thoughtful.