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Break free from the rusty shakles to reach the stars of dreams

December 16, 2017
Break free from the rusty shakles to reach the stars of dreams

A dark wave of gloomy brooding lyrics envelops the twilight atmosphere of Квіти Знедолених Берегів (The Flowers of Crestfallen Shores) - За небокрай мрій album, making more and more riddles and asking mysterious questions. Feelings from time to time shrink in doubts, echoing the meditations of a muffled clean vocal, then swirling in a gloomy dark whirlwind of emotions, along with phrases of rough growling. Specific words deserves the lyrics, full of doom and hopelessness, but admiring the charm of these conditions, finding a dark beauty in this circumstances.
Beginning with a viscous musical musical, complementing sensual emotional growling, pierces the У обiймах (Тихi води) musical image with soaring canopy of guitar dreams. From time to time, pure vocals introduce words of thought, and in the breeches a gentle melody raises guitar passages. Then, in the chorus, the music elevates the feelings and emotions of the autumn slush that will never touch our souls. Then a gentle caring melody, in which guitar dreams are combined with keyboard notes and pure vocals, concludes with another emotional story of the growling, which broadcasts about where the current carries us. This sensational extravaganza ends with the words of clean vocals, to continue after them again, ending with meditative sad phrases and a gloomy atmosphere of irremovable helplessness in hopeless conditions.
A dark romance in which the vocals are wrapped in viscous and soft guitar riffs, keyboard passages bring musical sadness Якби зорi... upward in the sky continues with a change of growling with clean vocals. A muffled whisper brings a wise thoughtfulness to this mysterious musical melancholy, blowing consciousness beyond the horizons of visible cosmic distances. But growling brings the mind back to gloomy limits, keyboard passages bring some of the imaginary blessings that are then embodied in soft and caring guitar motifs, but the growling again introduces a whirlwind of gloom and sadness. The combined dreams of musical decisions and vocal phrases about unknown magnificent graces comples the album.