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You have to count all of the hearts around

December 15, 2017
Blinker The Star - 8 Of Hearts

The choice of the name of the band and subsequently of each its album is very difficult, however in Blinker The Star - 8 Of Hearts case the album's title was determined by the number of tracks.
Bright, light reflections envelops Orion with the atmosphere of selectivity, trying more and more new ideas. Instrumental passages bring a touch of playfulness and charming fantasies.
The lyric haze of sensual romance, in the Living Proofs vocal passages the main vocal always supported by more and more new notes, then the companions sing along, then the singing lady complements this romantic ballad. In instrumental passages, guitars and keyboards create a fabulous mythical atmosphere.
Heather continues a romantic atmosphere, supplementing the vocals with emotions and feelings. Accompaniment from the fabulous mystical spaces is transferred to the evening city parties and country spaces.
The rhythmic structure becomes somewhat more artistic, in Wear The Crown composition the subject of adoration is asked the question - is not the crown too heavy, does not press, does not rub?
Soft, restrained accompaniment of keyboards and light guitar notes concentrates attention on experiences embodied in the vocal experiences of this calm atmospheric ballad Caves And Shadows. Disturbing vocal phrases are shrouded in a light, obscure fog of Moonchild (Got You Believing) musical passages in which the guitar riffs form the basis, the keyboards are hovering around in fantastic vortexes, creating unexpected spectacular images.
Introducing restrained notes of blues and rock'n'roll rebellion in its music Billy Gallop song develops these components of sounding, giving due to both directions - one brings feelings and pensive dreams, another - the desire for freedom and rebellious drive.
Returning again to the artificially fractured rhythm and pensive sensual romance Don't Fear (The Fantasy) completes the album in a thoughtful analysis of their own feelings and emotions.