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Your flesh still flexible? Go forward as well

June 05, 2016
Porphyria - Memoir Of Madness

Porphyria - Memoir Of Madness holds us to hang them high!
Smashed all'them down - that's Berserker! It forwards with its own pace, accomplished by its own axe to kick his enemies down at all! It ends in the dance, swinging an axe - Get down as well!
Harsh! Hard! Listen to Acrimony! You have to done it well - if you want to live! Mid-tempo lively riffs force to understend it as well!
Thrashing unhurried rif begins the The Devil's Fist! That tool have to find - what smash down as well! So the mid-tempo pace follows a lot of the track 'till furious devastation! Then - pace varied, you have to listen to that sound! Argh!
Rough, thorned tempo starts The Cleaving Process. Next that pace forwards its steps to madness! Our or their?! Their - or ours?!
Immediately! Angry! Clearly! You'll see - thats Palace Of The Corpse! Mighty powerful sound enveloped on all sides, pulling into the depths of darkness and the expanse of torture Disposable Kings enslave everyone and everything without hesitation, doubt, and without trying to to see reason! Their offence is quite fine - or you're amongst?! Hard blow! Harsh riff! Oh yeah! Dimensions Of Torment have to started by might hammers, which thrashes ass well yo beat all down!

Destroy! Oh, not so easy! They ready for the Oceans Of Flesh - Rituals Of The Damned !
Surrenders to the inevitable, it enslaves all around - that's Rituals Of The Damned!
It combined flash grinders and torture apointments! Slow demolition forwards the Anguish Eternal - after the pause raise its pace, then hatred demolition all around!
Are you afraid of them? You do not believe that they can ?! Here they are! Throne Of Desecration (Live) - that's live performance of these invaders, destroyers and handlers!