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You have to stay - no one have to pay

June 06, 2016
Death Angel  - The Evil Divide

Death Angel - The Evil Divide (Limited Digipak Edition) drags in an embrace!
Not fast, unconvictious stream flows in intro of the The Moth! Narrative, unhurried but extensive battle surrounded from all sides, blocking the outside world and its manifestations by its tentacles! Guide us further, man!
Call the alarm impossible to just so, but! Something Cause for Alarm - and it flows hardly with its manifestations of power and might!
Biting blows, harder impacts starts story of the Lost - hard and impression ballad, that kick ass for all around as well!
Powerful and angrily starts Father of Lies continuing belligerently, not quickly and compulsively. Then dancing in amazing and unexpected dances!
Hell to Pay said someone to you! Oh, that harsh duty, so furious guitar riffs helps you to do that?
Or not? Oh, let someone burns in Hell! You won't pay to them at all - let them burn!
It Can't Be This harsh mid-tempo story follows you on its path, so can't retrieve its sense! Or just don't able to listen its intrusive gutitars, or persistent vocals?! Can't?! Burn! Let you burn!
Power sometimes hides, but Hatred United / United Hate can not hide their power and strength, subjugating continuously and dragging all around by its canvas!
Angry! Powerful! Sharp! The beat-beat-beat! hit harder -that's Breakaway! The powerful and vicious rhythm section is punctuated with guitar militant, angry vocals and all this is combined in a very fighting unit!
Waltz? Oh, no - but the rhythm is the same! The Electric Cell cast us far from the halls of watz, that's farter down but sounds the same! Oh, thats difficult to accept!
We beat anywhere - because Let the Pieces Fall! Slowly, persistently, rhythmically - and all you need to break all to pieces! Crush - dancing guitar riffs helps to beware us!
Are you believe in God? Yeah?! But he no longer believes in you as well! Wasteland (Bonus) in a country-style tells you that there's no God, no blessing, no grace...or you don't believe in that?! Listen and in your face that!