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You want to release from system's shores?

October 20, 2016
Axiom (USA) - Slave To The System

Routine burdens, fed up with the usual order Axiom (USA) - Slave To The System wants to break free!
Visco and persistently grim reality envelops environment words and phrases of the Deserter, swirling obsessive guitar riffs like dark clouds.
Angry and aggressive riffs accelerate their journey, entering his soulless flesh in a rhythmic and precise blows. Then, in the middle of the track there is a calm and thoughtful speech, ending with the statement Let The Bridges Burn, after which the music returns to furious wrath!
Darkness shrouds in Silent Night, covering with the shadow of violent and intense guitars parts, vocal phrases sounds as darkening clouds that blackens the surrounding area, that chokes the throats af all who alive.
The gloomy atmosphere of Weapons Of Our Warfare compresses in its embraces, not speeding up the overall pace, but the surrounding vortices guitar passages and drums breaks. At the end of the story musics accelerates, flying to the end like a burning shell. But the shells calms its discharge.
The title track Slave To The System fills its intro with vocal cries and guitar fury, then passing to a thoughtful discussion of vocals with instrumental accompaniment.
In the intro the guitar notes flying like swarm of wasps, then voices of Iniquitous slows down the furious flight which reveals again from the shackles of aggravating voices, combining growl with clean speaches.
Mysterious intriguing beginning hides further course of Solemn Vow, that passes into a viscous somber ballad.
Brittle noises of rubbing and gnashing gears starts Scapegoat, continues unpredictable story with ragged rhythm, combining pure insolent recitative with indignant furious growl.
Legend of the Ruin flying fast and unstoppable, swiftly calms instrumental bursts for the emotional story to unite musical impulses with the vocal phrases.
Defiance starts rhythmic blows, continuing to mix with sharp vocal phrases. And these clear rhythmic beats edge of permeate composition osnomnogo motive.