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Can't find novelty? Seek cautiously and thoroughly

October 21, 2016
Can't find novelty?  Seek cautiously and thoroughly

Legends do not fade away, will never be forgotten about the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds&nbsp- Skeleton Tree.
A romantic tale Jesus Alone, the narrator leads the story slowly and thoughtfully, surrounded by mysteries and whistles. He finishes it in duet with distant chant of fabulous fairy.
The rhythmic beats hammered word fabulous instrumental passages in mind, then keyboards and sounds that resemble owl attached to the romantic story Rings of Saturn.
The piano and lyrical bells begins the melancholic sad tale of theGirl in Amber, continuing to state of the sad and grim events by bleak detached whisper.
Lyric story made wise by experience, through many adversities and various challenges Magneto, guitar fingering riffs adds close to the end.
Violent downpour drops beat up all around by their blows in the Anthrocene intro, then changes crosses the track, chopping it with their parties like cutting off piece by piece.
Lyrical romantic ballad I Need You begins with cosmic keyboards passages, transporting the mind and consciousness away from everyday worries, pointing to the supernatural side of love.
Exalted keyboards and delicate female vocals takes us to the Distant Sky. Delicate tenderness surrounds us with care and sensuality lovely atmosphere.
The title track Skeleton Tree crowned this artwork with its sound, clearly and rhythmically accompanying inspired piano with confident march of drums.