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You've been seen in Abyssinia

April 12, 2017
Mos Generator - Abyssinia

Fictions leave a lot of ambiguities, creating an impressionable image of Mos Generator - Abyssinia without clear contours, complementing, correcting and reigning it again and again!
Confidently, persistently and clearly the Strangest Times rhythm makes its way through the surrounding twilight, the vocal is interested and changeable in the established manner.
Drum fractions, viscous guitar riffs begins You've Got A Right, later supplementes with nervous vocal sound - but then there is an explosion of musical impatience, followed by a demanding and confident vocal flash.
So joyning charming main motive rushes through the entire Catspaw sound image with a single impulse of a fast, confident melody. Chorus slowly wraps with the innocent tenderness, enveloping by melodic images.
A slow, viscous narrative captures into a thick, dark, impenetrable fog, restraining movements and hiding clear and intelligible details, Easy Evil creates illusory fancies and whimsical fantasies for real things.
A thoughtful, restrained show begins a slow Wicked Willow, tearing narrative tearing towards the coming changes. But the angry power is unhurried, concentrating energy in rhythmic blows, slowly and clearly hammering on the anvil. As Above So Below continues in the same manner, stretching shimmering phrases in so viscous, tightened and stretched sound.
Quickly getting rid of the slow viscosity of past tracks, the guitars in Red Canyons releases from the shackles. But the vocal phrases restrain the impetuous rushes, keeping guitar frenzy within the shores of its influence.
The dusk of a melancholic ballad adds a blend of blues to the There's No Return From Nowhere introduction, then the sound is saturated with the anger of gloomy guitar riffs and a vocal harshness. But again sadness and anguish embrace an unkind encouraging tune, turning into a magical and cosmic key passage, to which an inspired guitar solo joins - but harsh vocals with grim guitars returns to finish the track.
Ornate, whimsical and original musical parts of all instruments combines in so complex, sparkling, bright and multivalued progressive Time & Other Thieves song.
A thoughtful, soft and balanced ballad Outlander completes the album. At the head of its sound are keyboards, but in general the composition is exquisite - charming, charming and delightfully completes the album, leaving so wonderful impressions.