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Red eyes can foresee the future

April 13, 2017
Hatefulmurder - Red Eyes

The hours, days, weeks spent on the open spaces of the Network, turns the sight into Hatefulmurder - Red Eyes reflection!
Rapid drive entrained in impulsive rushes indicating that Silence Will Fall, arranging respite during the bridges.
Title track Red Eyes
made up of sharp, rapid verses, united by melodic, charming bridges and confident, rhythmic chanting chorus, repeating - red eyes looking at the skies. To the screaming of the demonic lady, shade of male clean vocals adds, then the lady tells the story, about what will happen in the future, starting with diligent clean then demonizing in screaming.
Tear Down vocals folds the female screaming with a pure male, replacing different shades and styles, from harsh to a dreamy emotional.
The sharp and harsh rushes of the fast-moving verses creates an exciting drive, the chorus repeats Riot over and over again.
The charming melody of the sublime and memorable guitars riff creates the basis of the main motive, enveloping with its charming sound all the composition as a whole, piercing the dark fog of The Meaning of Evil gloomy twilight.
The vortex of guitar riffs envelops in gloomy, but hopeful motives, carrying to the imaginary realm of various expectations and illusory Time Enough at Last grace.
The screaming of the lady, the men's harsh, pure and growling rhythmically forms My Battle story, uprising screaming to the forefront of the vocal part.
Clear, killer and rhythmic blows knocks through the usual order, circling in the whirlwind of their fascinating adventures - Youre Being Watched, that's true!
The mysterious Creature of Sorrow introduction intrigues the fog of a mysterious melody, turning into a furious drive of hard impulses, empowered by demonic screaming, the background of which consists of growling vocals additions. In the instrumental part, the melody pacifies the wrathful character, replacing it with an exciting impressive melody, completing the composition and album with an exquisite guitar solo.