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The battle calls for the fight - even with themselves

April 12, 2017
Hamarsheimt - Auf In Die Schlacht

Warriors only Hamarsheimt - Auf In Die Schlacht create their reputation and leave a memory of themselves. They can rise to Valhalla only with weapons in their hands! !
Fiercely uncompromising and militant title track Auf In Die Schlacht creates the fighting spirit, combining the story with screaming and growling in the verse introducing to the forefront one in the chorus - another.
Furious drive continues this militant and vicious mood and in the next composition Der Gefallene Skalde, promoting screaminng at the head of its narrative.
Grandiose and proudly beginning, saga Erik Der Rote produces an inspired story about the adventures of the legendary hero, who has opened the veils from unknown spaces, unites the continents even with the fell into the bad trip. This tale will live forever and ever!
The dusky fog of the Weltenbrand melody creeps creepily in with a powerful, melancholy and restrained melody, creating a grim story and an onerous march. Militant wails unites in a single gust of warriors, raising the bellicose mood above the visible limits.
Inspired Heldenmut dances carries away in graces and dreams, creating to build castles in the clouds, and ghostly tales of bizarre, but it complements the vocal militant and demanding shade.
So fierce irreconcilable power of the Bruderkampf creates a dense, energetic sound, concentrating all the northern winds in a single vortex around its narrative.
March Hamarsheimt paces with severe harsh motives, concentrating in the drum roll the spirit of wandering and experiencing, caused by memories of past hikes.
Ragged broken rhythms creates oneurosly burdensome atmosphere of Odins Methalle, former sorrows and tribulations descends with divine predictions and anticipation of subsequent tests and checks by action in advanced quests.
Gloomy atmosphere despondency of Eisprinzessin ice of barren plains surrounds with hopeless despondency from all sides, but the desire to escape from the ice captivity creates a bold and meddled melody, tirelessly striving to break the shackles and rush to the sunlight of the top shores.
The viscous, solemn ballad Winter completes the year ... ups - I've meant, the entire album with its sublime, proud, significant and grandiose sounding