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You have to be right then and right there

May 23, 2021
Kruk (Pol), 2021 -  Be There (with Wojtek Cugowski)

The Rat Race song's guitar solo-topped with artistic keypads creates a musical background for inspired vocal reflections of the chorus and raw energy. The intriguing twilight of accession from vocalization create an artistic atmosphere of the Hungry for Revenge composition, which continues the musical narration of the Kruk (Pol) - Be There (with Wojtek Cugowski) album with an epic fairy tale. Pensive Prayer of the Unbeliever (Mother Mary) ballad combines vocal reflections with acoustic guitar passages and symphony keyboards, then a slightly relieved musical palette for a more emotional expression of vocal thoughts. But the freedom-loving rock'n'roll spirit inspires the Made of Stone song's music to artistic dance around vocal phrases. The Invisible Enemy music supports vocals experiences that reveals the true essence of their own distances, inspiring waves of a restrained drive and artistry of musical melody.
The mid-tempo Dark Broken Soulscomposition goes on the verge between the romantic ballad and a twilight fairy tale, which focuses the accent thoughtful vocal part and artistic keyboards. Combining the genre unity of the rebellious musical essence and the audience of the ancient fairy tales of the To Those in Power song creates a very intrinsic unity of rock music and echoes of ancient sagas. Acoustic guitars strings chimes complement the vocal feeling in the Be There (If You Want To) final romantic ballad.