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The fire creates and transforms the metal

May 16, 2021
Cannibal - Fire Meets Steel

After a short but sonorous introduction, the guitar riff sets the sound of the main motive, then the The Warlock composition raises the vocal part to the top of the musical waves, crowning the musical sound with vocal inspiration. Drum rolls in the intro gives a fighting and warlike mood to the sound, but then after a sparkling guitar solo the vocals come to the forefront of the Skulls And Wings musical image, continuing the musical narration of the Cannibal - Fire Meets Steel album with a combination of heroic saga and melodic inspiration.
The vocal melodies of the singing lady take the primary position in the sound of the Gates Of Hell composition, supplemented by the background singing and accentuating the name of the song in the chorus again and again. The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with artistic melodism. Immediately setting the sound of the main motive with the guitar riffs of the introduction, the On Your Feet gives a more emotional color to the sound with the vocal phrases of the verse, complementing the female vocals in the chorus with the accompaniment of musical associates. And again, the guitar solo of the instrumental part impresses with the lace of melodic sparks that carry me into the world of musical fantasies.
The title track Fire Meets Steel takes guitar riffs into a round dance, then combining vocal dominance with notes of musical variation and sometimes ascending bass guitar solo. The dancing pulsations of the musical rhythm are crowned with the charm of a guitar solo, borrowed vocal phrases replace the supremacy of the After All musical essence, combining vocals and guitars in the chorus in a mesmerizing dance. Memories of ancient fairy tales and their mystical charm in the Catacombs Of Hell introduction precede the unbridled drive and vocal emotions of the final composition of the album.