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You cannot enter the same river twice

February 09, 2021
Broken Roads - Things Always Change

The soft ringing of the guitar strings is complemented by the brooding phrases of the Up The Mountain male vocals, then complemented by the gentle backing of the female vocals, weaving into the charm of the duo. The I Could Never Find You song continues the Broken Roads - Things Always Change album with more focused guitar solos, slowing the tempo down to a leisurely march.
In the dancing echoes of the Go Way Sweetie composition, which more clearly manifests the style of country style, the female vocals of the singing lady come to the fore of the musical image. The music is pacified in the leisurely and thoughtful chime of acoustic guitar strings, enveloping the combination of female and male vocals in the soft and tender veils of the Falling Behind romantic ballad. With a hint of anxiety and eager anticipation in the lead guitar solo, the male vocals then complement that sense of anxiety and uneasiness, but in the I'll Be Waiting For Something chorus it raises the banner of hope with the female vocals.
Doubts in the notes of the Tese Broken Roads introduction end with vocal exhortations with artistic keyboard passages in the background. Female vocals lead the story in verses, intertwining in the chorus in a charming waltz with male vocals. The chime of guitar strings, entwined with the charm of a keyboard symphony, sets the points the path for the Can I Come Home With You Babe soft and sensual ballad. The vocals, surrounded by musical artistry, conclude the album with the Dry Up My Tears song full of positive emotions.