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You can find the divine influence in everything

April 09, 2018
Reach - The Great Divine

Folklore motives in the Into Tomorrow introduction are preceded by an energetic drive, combined with emotional vocal phrases. Chorus majestically unrolls its sound in a musical image, bright and meaningfully starting the Reach - The Great Divine album.
Blues elements are added to the title track The Great Divine, introducing artistic intrigue with keyboards passages in bridges and instrumental parts.
A bright stream of drive in the Live Or Die intro is reconciled with the connection of the vocals, in the chorus rolling out the proud canvas of romanticism.
The mysterious fog of the Nightmare introduction envelops obscure ghosts, after a sonorous continuation the composition turns into a majestic ballad.
Futuristic dreamy motives are preceding bright explosion of drive, which takes you Off The Edge beyond the limits of the conscious expanses.
Soft guitar fingering and a mysterious haze over which dreamy keyboard notes precede a grand narrative in the One Life chorus. The Running On Empty main motif is inseparably following throughout the composition, capturing the choruses with its sound and hiding in the verses.
Developed already in the introduction, the Shame main motive intrigues, revealing itself again in instrumental bridges and reveals its true grandeur in the chorus.
Pulsating rhythm rolls in You Say verses, in the bridge before the chorus, giving thoughtful reflections and rolling out the canvas of the legend in the chorus, after which the blues notes appears. Mysterious reflections begins River Deep with thoughts, continuing thoughtful reflections with chants on the background in verses and bright emotions in the choruses.