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Exhalation of hyena brings rot and decay from the north

April 10, 2018
Ambivalence (UKR) - Hyena's Breath

Furious power encompasses all-round fury, vocals introduces an emotional explosion in Size Does Matter composition, in instrumental bridges music is given artistic reflection, starting the Ambivalence (UKR) - Hyena's Breath album with a very diverse song.
The title track Hyena's Breath rolls the waves in a verse, supplementing the vocals with a chorus in the bridge and chorus, enveloping these reflections with a dark playful fog.
The rolling wave of music is obscured by an obscure phantom, the Thursday Massacre vocals roll back their story. In the instrumental bridges, which precede the choruses with an incredibly artistic sound, captivating with an effective motif. From time to time, screaming comes to the forefront of the sound, not obsessed with a duet with a growling The instrumental part turned out to be incredibly bright and artistic - there is no point in describing for a long time, it's necessary to listen ... to listen again and again.
The dark fog envelops the eerie ghostly horrors, the Swallowers main motive is advancing with so frightening power. The chorus is incredibly melodic, anticipating a vicious, sad guitar solo.
So romantic War Is Close introduction weaves an exalted ornament, the vocals illuminate the dark romance with their own shade, music gains energy and drive, preserving melody.
The dark wave of drive rolls insuperable pressure, after the Simulacrums verse in the instrumental bridges notes of hard blues appears in music, it are artistically rolling up to the next vocal segment.
The sad romance The Splinters MMXVI envelops the vocal whisper, then the vocals throw up the sound, rolling in the twilight atmosphere with keyboards on the background completing the album with a romantic brooding ballad.