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You can find a limit in anything

July 03, 2020
Bleed From Within - Fracture

The guitar solo of The End Of All We Know introduction captivates with a whirlwind of mesmerizing drive, then with the introduction of vocals, transforming the sound of the Bleed From Within - Fracture album's first song into pulsations of a mid-tempo march, then again and again varying the tempo and emotional mood of the vocal part. Bringing artistic influences with electronic distortion of the introduction the Pathfinder then envelops the variations of the vocal part with the cover of spicy trends of oriental motifs.
A leisurely march of the Into Nothing battle march combines epic shades and echoes of oriental style, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, the Fall Away continues the dominance of the vocals, complementing it with artistic variations of the rhythm section, mesmerizing with progressive rhythm changes.
The romantic thoughtfulness of introducing the Fracture title track continues with the muffled sound of clear vocals, then being transformed into the emotional names of the harsh, then combining these vocal styles in a duet of a romantic ballad. The Night Crossing mesmerizes with a whirlwind of guitar solo, then braids the vocal part with its artistic trends. The vocal immediately comes to the forefront of the For All To See music, then combined in an impressive dance with the appeals of a proud anthem.
Picking up a whirlwind of rampant drive, the Ascend guitars solo then twists a sparkling cocoon and continues the procession with a vocal addition on the verge of a mid-tempo narration. After intriguing musical expectations, the Utopia continues a rhythmic mid-tempo procession with some shades of hard blues. A Depth That No One Dares completes the album with an epic anthem progressively combining in its majestic sound the severity of drive and symphonic grandeur