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Decomposition paths are inscrutable

July 03, 2020
Cryodeath - Path Of Decay

The Come Whatever May track begins the Cryodeath - Path Of Decay album with mystical proclamations, as if weaving a mysterious lace of musical mystery as a veil wrapping obscure vocal thoughts. Setting the rhythmic procession of the main motive in the introduction Time Heals Nothing then builds a musical composition based on the dialogue of growling and clean vocals.
Alternating the dominance of musical passages and vocal reflections Silence captivates by variations of these changes. The pulsation of the Greed musical motifs with notes of progressive colors complement the mysterious vocal tunes. A round dance of guitar solo envelops the vocals of the Path Of Decay title track, intertwining in the dance of instrumental bridges. In the chorus, clean vocals come to the forefront of the musical image. The instrumental Death In November romance captivates with the incredible melody of a guitar solo, acting as a kind of introduction to the next song, House Of Cards, in which musical mystery develops into a mid-tempo epic tale.
The final compositions seem to be intertwined in a single saga, starting with the alarming pulsations of the Rise Against song, which in essence continues with the sound of Change musical composition, which attaches more importance to the vocal part. And the Messiah track completes this unity by very melodic introduction, carried away in simply mystical tales and forgotten traditions.