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Witchcraft of the two moons eclipse

December 30, 2022
High Command - Eclipse Of The Dual Moons

The title track of the High Command - Eclipse Of The Dual Moons album takes you on a journey through a twilight haze with vague reflections of mysterious ghosts, then focusing on the significance of the vocals narrative, then popping up with an inexorable procession of a confident march. The guitar solo of the introduction fascinates with artistic melody, then focusing the stylistic features of the Immortal Savagery song behind the interweaving of musical and vocals threads in a single musical rope.
Once again, the guitar solo of the introduction weaves a charming musical lace, which then, in addition to the vocals story, is artistically woven into the twilight tapestry of the Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery musical fairy tale.
The drumbeat sets the mood of the battle march, which then complements the background narration of the storyteller, but then the Omniscient Flail Of Infamy musical saga rolls in waves of assertive drive, which is sometimes complemented and diversified by the announcement of combat stories and bard tales, which, with the intriguing charm of a symphonic keyboard suite with reflections of oriental motifs, then sets the direction of the musical procession of the Fortified By Bloodshed composition with the unity of the combat march and echoes of valiant tales.
The acoustic guitar solo brings to the sound of the album echoes of bard ballads, which precede the development of the musical motifs of the Chamber Of Agony battle march, complemented by symphonic echoes of mystical chorales on an enchanting musical background, preceding the frantic pressure of the furious drive of the Siege Warfare musical thriller, adding to the album the musical expectations of all fans of thrash metal.
The long Spires Of Secartha musical fairy tale completes the album, as if complementing its sound with enchanting reflections of forgotten legends, ending with the ringing of bells and a charming acoustic guitar solo with a symphonic musical background.