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New year is coming!

December 31, 2022
El Ten Eleven - New Year's Eve

Intriguing with the mysterious musical background with the introduction, the title track begins the festive procession of the El Ten Eleven - New Year's Eve album, combining an iridescent procession of guitar riffs in a further sound, developed with the help of the futuristic mystery of keyboards passages and the artistic ascension of the guitars solo.
Rhythmic guitar riffs roll out the musical canvas of the Meta Metta main motif, crowned with the intriguing mystery of keyboards passages, then yielding to the rhythmic step of a battle march, entwined with spicy oriental musical variations.
Guitar solos build the musical structure of The Time Knife composition on their disputes, again and again emphasizing their importance in the musical structure - as if the celebrating company cannot come to an agreement in the organization and preparation of the celebration. But then a stubborn and confident march inspires confidence, dispels the fog of the dispute and dominates the further sound ... it was as if someone had convinced the disputants that he was right and insisted on ending the arguments.
But the atmosphere of the celebration rolls in waves of rhythmic steps of the Isn't Everything Enough? musical passages, entwined with covers of foggy charm, preceding the more confident and assertive sound of the Sixteen Circles composition, in which musical motifs of romantic reflections and expectations are manifested.
But the festive atmosphere completes its formation in the progressive diversity of the musical A Reflection Of A Reflection final fragment of this album, creating a majestic and artistic musical background that complements the atmosphere of the much-anticipated holiday.