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There is no need in money from now

December 29, 2022
HighWay (Fra), 2005 -  Goodbye Money

The title track enters the musical space of the HighWay (Fra) - Goodbye Money album with an energetic whirlwind of impetuous drive, complementing and developing the musical artistry with emotional vocals phrases, again and again emphasizing the title in the chorus. But then the Rock'n'roll Life rhythmic march stubbornly, confidently and unquestioningly marches along the musical path chosen to achieve the desired goals.
The Clear Out composition artistically and bewitchingly weaves a charming musical lace that precedes the exciting musical tread of the In The Circus Of Madness main motive, combining vocal phrases and musical variations in the unity of musical charm.
The noise of gathering, feeding and caring for animals is the Once Upon A Time... intro, creating an atmosphere for ...The Cowman composition with notes and shades of country style in the musical pattern.
The mysterious echoes of nature in the sound of The Whale (2004) track prepares for the final stage of the album, continuing with the stubborn and uncompromising rhythmic procession of the Lonely Man musical march, continuing with the incarnation of the name in the Bulldog intro, preceding the unity of music and vocals in a joint musical stream.