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Will you confess your sins or not?

November 24, 2017
Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence

The title track begins the Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence album with vague shamanic rituals, enveloping the gloomy tony of romantic music with phrases of pure vocal, stimulating their sound with rhythmic explosions. Then the wave of drive leads to the chorus, in which the screaming vocals is supplemented by emotional clean vocal notes.
A pulsating rhythmic march and waves of furious drive hint "now will be thriller", but in the Beyond Oblivion verse clean vocals dissipates this premonition with lyrical chants, then the choir on the background yells "What have we done ?!" along with screaming questions. Then the deepened timbre and more powerful pure vocals are weaved in a duet with harsh screching. In general, a very interesting and diverse composition. The whirlwind of lyrical emotions raises into the Other Worlds - expanses of dreams and cloud-like castles, the vocals begin to restrainedly and severely embark on rampant dreamy wanderings.
Rapid and alarming desires originate in the introduction of the urge of the main motive, the next to the wolf, transforming the song into a sensual romance. But in the bridge before the The Heart From Your Hate chorus feelings and thoughts sweep the level to a saturated mid-tempo composition.
The scream of screaming Betrayer triggers waves of violent drive that pacify the allegations of clean vocal disclosure of the essence of the traitor who betrayed his promises and hopes.
Severely and rigidly, violently and disobediently growling vocal and stern tough drive start the The Wretchedness Inside composition, then in the chorus the clean vocals introduces brief meditation and asks a question, but drive and growling again continues their harsh confessions. The delightful guitar solo in the instrumental part seems to complement the thoughtful questions in the choruses.
Starting with a bright stream of sparkling motifs, a dreamy ballad Endless Night inspires further accomplishments, setting the exclusively positive mood with its sound, giving inspiration and hope.
The proud and solemn sound envelops with anxious motives into the introduction Sever The Hand, the vocal broadcasts the ancient prophecies, then the furious screaming raises alarm in the indescribable heights. The clean vocal in the chorus demonstrates readiness for any tests.
The introduction completes the statement about finding Beauty In The Sorrow. Then a wave of restrained sensual music swirls with proud, valiant romanticism, sometimes puffing up streams of bright and brave drive.
A similar combination of dreamy ideas and anxious expectations is present in the The Revanchist track. Here's in the form of an emotional song, from time to time supplementing baladnye parts with restrained drives and phrases of screaming vocals.
So proud and solemn composition Thrown Into The Fire, combines screaming and clean vocals dispute with the bright march, which then turns in the swift stream of high-speed riffs in the instrumental part, next turns back, completes the album.