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We're just a part of the Universe

November 25, 2017
Epica - The Solace System (EP)

The choir of cosmic spirits combines in sparkling images of the entry of the title track of the Epica - The Solace System (EP) album. Then Simona Simons takes over the lead in the composition, her voice envelops the symphonic orchestral passages and from time to time complements the driving screaming.
The all-embracing triumph of symphonic ideas encompasses us from all sides into the introduction, Fight Your Demons turns then a powerful and dense rhythm forms the foundation of the composition, in the verse the singing lady dominates the whole musical image, in the choruses its vocal phrases rises high, the severe male harsh vocals guards it from any demons.
The main motive shimmering with bells in the Architect Of Light intro, then the orchestra picks up and develops the given images into a bright symphonic picture. Vocal chorals sets a bit of rage, but then the vocalist sprays this alarm, but the chorus of invisible ghosts returns again. From this competition is the fountain of darkness and the light-bearing lady this composition consists of.
Flows of drive throw vortexes of vigorous passages, in Wheel Of Destiny verse oriental motifs envelop mysterious and mystical phrases of female vocal and furious demonic thoughts of growling. In the chorus, a wave of hot romance dissolves the swirling speculation.
The wandering bard brings an incredible stream of romance in Immortal Melancholy, ghostly knights in sparkling invisible armor, radiant dragons and proud banners of invisible armies ... many words, but Simone's vocals with a gentle minstrel ballad in the accompaniment gives rise not only to similar thoughts.
Powerful wave of drive rolls in the Decoded Poetry introduction, then the female vocal tries to dispell this gloomy fog, but then the demonic growling rebels against vocal charms. Then the choir revolts against the demonic evil, a fierce battle develops in the musical plane, sweeping the skrort and rhythm to unattainable levels. But the singing lady wins in this fight, completing the composition and album. Let the curtains falls! Ovation!