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Whose orders the legions of darkness will perform?

June 02, 2018
Varathron - Patriarchs Of Evil

Wrapping everything around in a dark shroud, the marvelous melody penetrates the Tenebrous introduction, supplementing with its shades further pulsating reflections, from time to time rushing into the impetuous rushes. The majestic melody returns again and again in instrumental bridges to them is exalted in the first composition of the Varathron - Patriarchs Of Evil album chorus.
Might and importance reject unbridled impetuosity, but music in instrumental bridges and verses rushes in high-speed passages, but clouded dark spells enchant these aspirations. The Into The Absurd chorus and its fables will enchant even the sophisticated listeners!
So furious heavy rain and bad weather precede the mysterious meditations of the bard, sheltered from the bad weather at the roadside tavern and broadcasting his ballads. But then the medieval saga Luciferian Mystical Awakening is supplemented by a dark melody, giving an epic color and mysterious majesty. That's so great track!
In the Saturnian Sect introduction unrestrained drive sweeps a wave of a rioting wave of rage and militancy, but then the vocals appeal to the melody by combining it with rolling waves of power and significance. In the instrumental bridges the rebellous rushes breaks out again and again.
So pensive ballad Remnants Of The Dark Testament begins the romantic tranquility by the introduction, with the vocals the music gains more significance, with a stiff motive drawing attention to the narration, without being distracted by minor trifles.
Wrapping the mind with the enchanting canopy of the main motive, then Hellwitch (Witches Gathering) focuses on the narrative of history, concentrating on the features of the chosen tale.
The furious extravaganza is carried away on the wings of a charming melody, the vocal opposite gives significance to the Orgasmic Nightmares Of The Arch Desecrator narrative. The instrumental bridges show shades of progressive music, but this does not at all reject the epic - on the contrary it complements it with more sparkling charms.
The sacrament of the Ouroboros Dweller (The Dweller Of Barathrum) main motive envelops the mind with vague fetters, enchanting it with a mysterious sound, completing the album with a magnificent ballad in which a rapid flow of instrumental solo arises, but the composition ends with the same thoughtful narrative.