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How is it - there's no one to ask ?!

June 02, 2018
Anasazi - Ask the Dust

Meditations envelop the vocal part with thoughtful urges starting the Anasazi - Ask the Dust album with leisurely reflections, more thoughtful in verses, supplemented by progressive musical urges. But in the choruses the Staring at the Sun main motive lifts sensuality and melody to an incredible level.
Vocals bring thoughts and emotions to an unattainable level, Miles Away music accompanies this sensuality, bridges complementing sensory reflections with musical grandeur.
Strong blues notes combine with playful reflections, anticipating romantic trends, enveloping the epic anticipations of Feeling Nothing progressive melodies.
After romantic and charming reflections, the final part of the Drift Away composition is supplemented by sludge rock music notes, not rejecting but only supporting the main motive.
The throbbing epic is brought about by the fate of the rock opera, enchanted by Falling symphonism, but the broken progressive rhythms complicate and grab attention.
The charming ballad The Second Before mesmerizes in unconscious desires, dancing playfully in an obscure romance. Then Still I Can't Hide calms the zeal and explosive explosions, enveloping in ballad reflections, a leisurely romance sweeps away other musical ideas. But romantic meditations cry out to fierce fighting urges, so the enchanting romance And the Grudge (Still Here) does not want to stand, combining it with militancy. Well, it's useless to think about shades - Into the Flood romance slowly envelops in thoughtfulness, rejecting any desires for impetuosity, enveloping from time to time charming melopolitical passages.
Mysterious symphonies with mysterious delights precede the development of the main motive, Once Dead slowly delving into the mysterious riddles of the surrounding world with an instrumental saga. Pensive romance Ask the Dust completes the album with thoughtful reflections.