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Who lives so close to us now?

September 29, 2018
Kara Grainger - Living With Your Ghost

Thoughtfully starting the pacifying atmosphere of the Kara Grainger - Living With Your Ghost album with the title track, the music holds back sharp emotions, the vocals complements the incredible calmness of the musical atmosphere with hidden feelings.
Man With SoulContributes shades of southern blues, enhancing the feeling of unforgettable native spaces that remains in the memory forever.
A pensive ballad develops in the vortices of the main motive, hovering around the accented title of the Nowhere To Be Found composition.
Again returning to the southern blues You're In New Orleans complements the musical canvas by mentioning the source that gave rise to an unforgettable stylistic branch of this musical style.
Thoughtfulness and sadness are swept aside by a playful motive of Groove Train song, keyboards comes to the fore, weaving a marvelous lace from all the instruments and rebellious vocal phrases.
Romantic ballads Reason To My Verse and Broken Record continues the calm atmosphere, first enveloping them with pacifying thoughtfulness, then covering with melodic and charming care.
With the help of confessions and cheerful rebellion, the title Favourite Sin is embodied, setting some kind of change to romantic reflections, returning to them, however, in the following Nobody But You composition.
Weaving together such contrasting stylistics as energetic rock and roll and romantic blues Love Will Get You Through The Door complements the sound of the album with a memorable and impressive hit. Full of incredible calm and thoughtfulness Freedom Song completes the album, as if the wise grandmother sings a lullaby to her grandchildren, convincing that her work only continues.