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So what are you fighting for?

September 28, 2018
Maratonga - Worth Fighting For

Battle March The Value... anticipates the beginning of the album Maratonga - Worth Fighting For holistically and confidently smashing doubts into smithereens - there are worthy examples of the melodic death metal, releasing such fascinating and impressive works. Heil, I apologize for running in advance - Let the Pages Burn embodies what has been said to the full extent, combining the trends of modernist shades and preserving the stylistic integrity, so much appreciated by many (it is not difficult to see, in particular, by me).
Well, unity is worth discarding - modernist trends come to the fore, leaving a fascinating background melody that would be praised by lovers of this style in the 90s of the past century.
Rejecting futuristic influences Drunk on Pride erects an epic procession, combining ancient tales with a powerful addition - once the knights had a shield and a sword, now a tablet and an impulsive assault rifle.
After questions, doubts and experiences Windborn takes a wave of impetuous drive, doubts complement the musical canvas and vocal phrases, but remain in the background. Especially it is necessary to highlight the change of vocals to the immeasurably better sound with the transition to German lyrics.
An annoying, pulsating rampant perseverance is asked by the vocalist's phrase, then Inside the Sin develops into the main motive of the composition, which is an example - what an ideal hit of this style and genre! But after a dense mid-tempo drive, the vocal broadens the scope of the composition, complementing the sound with a dense march, which ends with an instrumental solo and final part.
The pulsating, majestic False Messiah (feat. Elisabeth "Blood, Tears & Wine") canvas somewhat broadens the scope of the album, but complements this style and genre with additional and unforgettable grandeur, bringing vocal reflections to the forefront - but creating a harsh background for this harsh recitative. A very interesting addition is the feminine - but stern and hysterical, tearing templates, vocals.
So - the battle march have began the album, so the majestic ... Of Time anthem of the troops leaving the battle and completes it as well.