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Some tales are so peculiarly perceived

September 30, 2018
Thrall's Ritual -  Tales Of A Decaying Epoch

Drum roll and mysterious motifs serve as the background for the orchestral passages of instrumental Hallucinogenic Epic introduction, anticipating the further development of the Thrall's Ritual - Tales Of A Decaying Epoch album, that combines several styles and genres in their conceptual canvas. The harsh power and drive rolls tight mid-tempo sound, enveloping the To The Sands vocal part of the gloomy clubs of musical haze, breaking in the swift passages for the unrestrained chorus drive.
The shamans and priests sing a ritual song, then Humanity Lost sad motif envelops them with a whirlwind of devastation and hopelessness, but the music condenses the rhythmic structure - but the vocal is not in a hurry to harden this detached plea.
Shamanic melodies of clean voice are combined with demonic growling phrases, the In Odin's Name music is retinue in similar alternations, complementing vocals alternations.
The Unjust Monarch hardened vocals are combined with a gloomy mid-tempo march, entwined with mysterious guitar passages and occasionally exploding with powerful waves of drive.
Mysterious musical passages anticipate the Intermission: A Waltz Of Quarrels of the storyteller, foreshadowing the further development of the plot, but its stories are revealed in the following Maiden composition, initially combining the dreamy phrases of clean vocals with the charm of majestic musical passages. Then the severe growling enters into an argument, then interspersed with phrases of pure vocals. Hammered continues the alternation of pure emotional vocals with severe growling, the music shows a more rebellious and harsh role, sometimes interrupted by a majestic march.
The final composition of the album Glorious begins with the songs of the bard near the campfire, then the darkness around creates sprawling twilight images that explode in waves of harsh drive, wrapping around the demonic growling phrases, completing the composition and the whole album.