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Who is the director of this comedy...or tragedy?

December 12, 2019
Pervy Perkin - Comedìa - Inferno

The howl of wolves, prayer in Latin and anxious expectation culminates in a surge of dark drive, ending its stream in the Abandon All Hope song with sparkling tunes of clean vocals, appealing to organ symphonies and church prayers, transforming the beginning of the Pervy Perkin - Comedìa - Inferno album with the addition of vocal variations, intertwined and alternating in a very peculiar duet.
The gloomy stream of drive uncontrollably introduces demonic uncontrollability of The Tempest (Feat. Kheryon & Blue) vocals, in a severe musical sound introducing a progressive breakdown of the rhythmic structure. Continuing the harsh sound of the previous music of the composition, Three Throats transforms the vocal part into playful playfulness, transforming the style into certain trends of the lounge and jazz.
The sparkling echoes of the All For Gold bewitching melodic motif revolve with the sparkling axis of the leitmotif, wrapped in coils of incredibly progressive musical lace and a thoughtful vocal narrative. The epic thoughtfulness of the Row song rises in the gloomy haze of a mysterious tale. Throbbing thoughts intertwine with incredibly complicated progressive Open Casket musical sound, as diverse as musical passages varying vocal styles.
Raising the fluttering banners of a pacifying lounge, in intro Cult Of Blood (Feat. Endika & Blue) then explodes with an unbridled stream of drive, raising to the frontline the progressive breakdown of the rhythmic structure and the rebellious essence of the vocal narrative, as if introducing the influx of 70s punk rock.
This composition, Malebolge, appears as a separate musical artwork, combining such diverse and contrasting musical styles in a single musical image that it is too difficult to describe - you should listen: everyone will perceive this song in their own way. The organ, symphony and gloomy prophecies are embodied in the introduction, completing the album very closely related to its beginning - as the Worm Angel epic twilight narrative.