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Tales and legends are kept in the memory of the genus

December 13, 2019
Vananidr - Vananidr

Driving a whirlwind of gloomy drive Raging Blizzards carries away an unrestrained stream of musical obstinacy to listening to the Vananidr - Vananidr album. Then the Frostbitten Kingdom pulsates in a stern march, creating a valiant wave of the war anthem, transforming in the middle of the composition into a thoughtful narrative of legends and fairy tales. Once again carried away in the blizzards of rampant drive, complementing, along with the variable vocal phrases and melodic covers, Abomination Of Evil creates an exciting musical image.
The instrumental saga Projections captivates the attention, leaving wordless chorales in the background and speaking as the introduction of the next composition Rise, raising the sparkling banners of a furious drive and rushing through the rampant whirlwinds of a deadly dance. Slightly restraining the swiftness of the musical stream Warfare combines the stern power and drive of guitar riffs and the dense fierce rhythm of the section in the diverse grandeur of the musical image, crowning this procession with vocal phrases and guitar solos. The solemn procession of the intrusive anthem of the Enter Eternity intro bears a banner of valor and honor, the introduction of vocals introduces bewitching variations, preserving musical greatness and honoring the valor and feats of heroes entering the arch of eternal honor. The sublime Psalm Till Doden instrumental saga, exalting into the glorious expanse of heavenly celebrations and God's blessings, completes the album with an organ symphony.