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White has a special place among all colors

March 14, 2019
Wounded Funeral - Museau Blanc

Softly, majestically and proudly background thoughts of a sage anticipate the leisurely sacrament of the Pour l'honneur du premier sacrifice composition. But continuing the Wounded Funeral - Museau Blanc album Lightbearers of Darkness song takes away the perception in a rapid whirlwind of furious drive. However, the vocal entry transforms the main motive into mid-tempo passages, leaving the background with the unstoppable frenzy of bass guitars and drums. AAF (Anti-Anti-Fascist) continues this combination of medium tempo vocal reflections and melodious passages of the main motive with the unbridled fury of rhythm and the whirling swiftness of instrumental passages. Completing the composition of the dark sounds of the bombing. But the bombings anticipate the incredible explosion of the Serpent of Desire song's drive, in which vocal phrases are shrouded in a haze of enchanting melody.
The title track Museau Blanc throws away the whirlwinds of swiftness and hurried sparks, turning the lyrics into French and inspiring with enchanting melody in the verses and anticipating the choruses with furious instrumental bridges.
But the accumulated energy tends to find a way out and smashes obstacles, but the Nekrokarkass vocals remains loyal to the unhurried narration.
Dark waves of fierce drive carries Soldier Cross vocal experiences into the invisible spaces, singing the feats of ancient heroic warriors. In the instrumental part, progressive trends and an epic atmosphere are woven together in an enchanting dance.
Asatakon introduction appears to be a fascinating ballad, entangling the perception of indistinct haze with ghostly threads. After a mysterious and thoughtful pause, many expected the vocal to enter, but the composition remains instrumental. But the vocal releases the accumulated experiences in the parts of the Sous les crocs du Wendigo song, weaving lace from swift musical passages. So fascinating and impressively this album ends.