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Looks around in search of carrion

March 15, 2019
Cripper - Hyena

The title track begins the Cripper - Hyena album with a mysterious introduction, enveloping an intriguing haze. But with the introduction of vocals, the sound hardens, discarding emotions and experiences, rolling waves of playful drive, complemented by a broken rhythmic pattern.
While dancing in gloomy playfulness, Tourniquet vocals and musical parts are intertwined in a fascinating round dance.
The introduction intrigues the fascinating guitar solo, but then the vocals saddle the dominant role in the Bloodshot Monkey Eye composition, wrapped in a canopy of musical delights.
The rebellious character of the A Dime For The Establishment main motive carries away sparkling wings to freedom, but the shackles of narrow-mindedness are held back by his willing thoughts.
Viscous motifs envelop the vocal part with a gloomy haze, viscously braiding the 7" vocals recitative with gloomy covers and expanding the stylistic framework of the album. Animated Flesh as if continues the previous composition, rolling up waves of musical triumph with support for vocal revelations.
The music returns to its former playfulness, exalting the intriguing omens of the intro guitar, then the vocals are betrayed by doubts and reflections. But then the pulsating drive stirs up harsh experiences, but the majestic narration of The Origin chorus pacifies.
Twisted on the way from side to side Patterns In The Sky hastily runs along the axis of the main motive, enveloping vocal phrases with whirlwinds of musical passages.
The pulsating heartbeat of the musical organism is fascinating by its seeming simplicity, but carries away various changes in the rhythm and structure of The Jackhammer composition. Pumping intrigue with the introduction and verses, enveloping the covers of the gloomy drive in chorus Patronized elevates the experience to unattainable heights and erecting sparkling idols.
Completing the album Pure envelops the perception of viscous musical passages, from time to time transforming vocal phrases into pleas of clean vocals, but then re-rolling the painful twilight of doubt.