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Where's my magic wand? Oh, I've forgot - that's sin to use it

April 21, 2017
Where's my magic wand? Oh, I've forgot - that's sin to use it

How much to do, to comprehend and achieve - to become immortal? Live forever and ever, without regard for changes and human passions? The question is rhetorical - perhaps this Aherusia - Prometheus - Seven Principles on How to Be Invisible can help somewhat in achieving for this grace!
So wonderful, mysterious entry Breath drags into the abyss of doubt, assess the reality of pulling incredibly - just because everyone it has its own.
Power and melody connects in a marvelous, mysterious narrative Ascending - Martyrdom.s Crown, outlining the circle of interests with a fiery sword dancing its chorus in ever-increasing movement and rage.
The phrase in Latin begins As Light Defeats Darkness (feat. Angel Wolf), continuing in a volatile but so charming history. Then history returns us to the ancient world, enveloping folklore motifs of ancient peoples - Jews, Arabs, many others. This breaks down in a rampant, impetuous pursuit of the best circumstances.
The Anonymous vortex crushes all the resistance, beginning with the phrase in Latin - then sweeps away all obstacles, not releasing the church tunes from its musical palette by a single step - again and again igniting the hearts with its mysterious church chorals.
So fascinating, charming melody of the Taming Chaos (feat. Angel Wolf) enslaves me from my first notes and sounds, taking me into the expanses of illusory dreams and not fulfilled desires that give birth to the delights of dreams and divine blessings The powerful, confident and unquestioning march builds an unrivaled triumph to Prophecy story. Then it flies up in a burst of violent, vigorous attack, then turns into a narrative into a lynch - but the march turns back to finish its sound.
Charming and thoughtful, charming and charming introduction creates a wonderful atmosphere sor the Ocean sound image. Long, demanding, neat and tidy, then the vocals complement such an amazing sound with their own shades, discussing between the two worlds.
Hard, sharp, powerful and violent Breaking the Chains of Atrocity completes the album from the very beginning crushing powerful rhythmic blows, unhurriedly and mightily thrashing the musical images with his hard march rhythmically hamemering its further way. With the introduction of the vocals, the tempo accelerates, but with restraint and balance - without meaningless throws, violent jerks - power and confidence leads the musical image. Then the power and fury concentrates in the sound, angrily and impressively leading the story in the dark, impenetrable fog. But a dreamy march ends the composition and the album as a whole.