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Infinitive form of uncertainty, becomes so unusual and unexpected

April 21, 2017
Deep Purple - InFinite

The name of the album reflects what this band will appreciate, love and respect Deep Purple - InFinite forever and ever!
A quiet, calm conversation starts talking about Time for Bedlam, going on in a wonderful combination of diverse and versatile guitar riffs with gorgeous keyboards parts. The same thoughtful narrative, as in the beginning, completes the composition.
Drive of Hip Boots circling in bright, sparkling vortexes combining guitar motifs with keyboards around clear and rhythmic vocal phrases, forming a charming hard blues.
Adorable keyboard parts come to the fore, capturing a gentle romantic guitar solo to follow the specified All I Got is You path. But guitars accelerate romantic dreams for a bit, summoning sensual emotional vocals. In the instrumental part, the keyboards lift their solo above the clouds to the sky of musical triumph, then guitar solo tenderly picks up shimmering stream of dreams that intercepts the key passage that completes the instrumental part.
Something like jazz or fusion intercepts in One Night in Vegas by passages on the piano, capturing attention and perception in the space of gambling, embracing faith and hope for fortune's grace.
Pulsating rhythm, circling in hard, viscous, leisurely vortexes - expressing a clear and confident demand Get Me Outta Here. Viscous history slowly, but interestingly and variously unfolds pensive tangles of impenetrable fog, again and again referring to this statement.
Beginning with the anticipation of a sensual, romantic ballad The Surprising turns into a space of thoughtful, dreamy lyrics, appealing to the encouraging sound of minor motifs. In the instrumental part, Arabian motifs unite keyboards and guitars in a single stream of eastern romance, turning them into desert winds.
Joyful and cheerful motives flow in an illusory dance, illuminating everything around with a sparkling triumph of the Johnny's Band.
Hope and confidence in the future rises On Top of the World, rigid and confident ballad does not leave the least possibility to doubt the strength and reliability of future plans, arguing without acknowledging any shadow of doubt. Memories of past successes, charming temptress Venus and fairy ambrosia complete story.
Keyboard passages bears the proud and valorous banner of the Birds of Prey main motive, the guitar riffs will complement the bursts of drive, but do not turn the exquisite ballad into a furious drive.
The legendary band offers to evaluate and apprehend its interpretation of no less legendary band in Roadhouse Blues ("The Doors" cover), combining magnificent and exquisite keyboards, a harmonica and clear vocal phrases into a bright musical image.