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Age of Infinity will also pass the gates to the end

April 20, 2017
Lord Symphony - The End Of Time

Any times, epochs and eras are destined to be born, to write a chronicle of their development - to meet Lord Symphony - The End Of Time , leaving a memories for their descendants!
So soft, restrained beginning pours out a sweet melody in the keyboard parts, then the music flies violently upwards For A Dream, piercing the motives with piercing vocals that fly through the musical delights.
The keyboards intrigue enters, then the melody in the mysterious vortex completes the introduction of The End Of Time. hen the main motive of the keyboards is hovering over the cortege of glittering knights with the banners of title track's pride and honor.
The keynote pierces with a sparkling sharp blade, putting vocal phrases on its spear Leitmotif runs through the Save Me melody like sparkling sharp blade, pooping its tip vocal phrases.
The solemn ballad begins in restless Garden Of Souls, with nervous phrases - grows in a sensual mood, turning from a powerful mid-tempo march of a troubled squad in the alarming atmosphere of the upcoming battles.
A sensual romantic ballad takes us into the expanses of ghost dreams, imaginary dreams, describing everything that is Behind The Shadow Of Lies. Romance rises with anxious phrases, combined with gentle melodic musical decisions.
Gate Of Infinity drives swift, energetic musical decisions in the whirlwinds of decisive and diverse musical images.
A softer interpretation of the previous ballad Behind The Shadow Of Lies (Piano Version), in which the gentle and soft piano comes to the fore and dominates its passages in the musical pattern.