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Where is your will? Where is your mind?

September 17, 2018
Chaos Doctrine - Chaos Doctrine

Unclear noise, laughter, children's phrases are combined in a mysterious atmosphere Intro begins a concept album Chaos Doctrine - Chaos Doctrine with anticipations of future discoveries.
The chime of the church bell is preceded by a dense pulsating march that rolls in a viscous, sticky dark fog that turns into Dia de Los Muertos with sound characteristic of classic thrash metal.
But, a very worthy reverence to the origins of the genre is replaced by something much more peculiar - F.T.G. complements the album with waves of progressive musical motifs, excitingly and inspiringly presenting a very interesting musical creation.
In the introduction, we hear a statement about the worst nightmare for everyone, then our attention appears like a separate artwork - My Demise combines several genres, weaving a recitative, a dark atmosphere and waves of violent drive in a single song.
A creaking sting Helix sets the alarming expectations that is dispelled by the dense and exciting sound of the Incubator main motive, which is supposed to be the most memorable hit of the album.
The gloomy Cult introduction sets the mood for changeable music, combining the majestic anthem of choruses and a sharp nervous drive of the couplets, combining the mutability of vocals, complementing the musical style with fierce screaming in the verses and deep baritone harsh on the edge with growling choruses. In the instrumental part, the gloomy main motif is complemented by symphonic hues.
The final composition The Genocide Number returns to the origins of the musical style, facilitating and simplifying the sound in a wave of violent drive.