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Time is beyond the control of mere mortals

September 16, 2018
Chronosfear - Chronosfear

The ticking of the clock and the majestic symphony of the mysterious anthem begin Chronosfear - Chronosfear concept album with Clockworks instrumental introduction, completing it with the epic motifs, combining musical delights with background chorals.
The Gates of Chronos continues the album, encompassing disturbed vocal reflections with enchanting symphonic variety, occasionally stirring up the musical image with waves of drive and accenting the name of the composition in the choruses.
The mysterious fog of mystical romanticism envelops the introduction, from which a procession of fairy-tale fairies and mystical creatures breaks out, then intertwined with the intrigues of dark opponents and combines in charming and magical saga Symphonies of the Dreams Untold, which complements the album with fabulous and epic symphonies.
The royal heralds proclaim The Last Dying Ember with the necessity of traveling through dangerous and challenging lands, heralding the search for chosen knights. Finding a decent procession is sent in search of adventure, displaying courage and courage before any challenges and the willingness to complete any quests.
Trials and battles cry out for rest, so Of Dust and Flowers continues the album with a combination of medium-tempo narrations about past battles and captivating romanticism approaching a romantic ballad. In the instrumental bridges, keyboard parties clearly dominate, giving the sound a fabulous hue.
Preserving the epic sound of the Faces song is flying away as a combination of drive, presenting energetic guitar riffs and the fairy symphony of keyboard passages.
A wave of inspired and sublime memories continue the musical canvas of the romantic ballad Innocent and Lost, creating a brooding respite after exciting battles.
The AscentThe exciting drive of the hit melody continues the album, pushing aside the eduational symphony, but bringing to the forefront progressive rhythmic elements progressively processed and arranged in a complex and charming composition. But from time to time, complex musical passages lurk in the background, becoming an unobtrusive accompaniment of vocal reflections.
The main motive appears already in the introduction, then the vocal turns Time of Your Life composition into a mid-tempo march, from time to time supplementing vocal reflections with drumming rolls.
Symphonic laces of the Revelations intro are combined with streams of impetuous fairy-tale passages, progressively and captivatingly weaving them together with changeable vocal parts, piercing the composition with exciting melodiousness and performance of guitar and keyboard passages.
The incredibly pacifying Homeland ballad completes the vicissitudes and trials of the album with soft and gentle thoughtful passages, completing the journey with majestic reflections and romantic memories of the past trials.