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Alloys spread from the fire-breathing mountains

September 18, 2018
Exocrine - Molten Giant

Mysterious sounds ingratiatingly creep into mysterious Scorched Human Society intro, but then bright guitar passages vividly and captivatingly reflect the overall impression of the Exocrine - Molten Giant album combining a unique melody and progressive presentation of the musical artworkl. From time to time, romantic melodies elevate the style of the composition to the romantic limits, returning to the dense drive along with violent vocal melodies.
Continuing an equally unforgettable combination of elements and a variation of fierce drive Hayato complements the volatile musical moves with vocal changes, alternating screaming, deep growling and dreamy harsh, complementing the romantic melodies of guitar solos. Of particular note is the main motive, from time to time hiding in the background, then enveloping all perceptions with its own sound.
Not for nothing, we paid so much attention to the main motive of the previous composition - to some extent it can be perceived as the leitmotif of the entire album. In Backdraft its sound is transformed by the rays of cosmic currents, a pulsating drive prevails in the composition.
The title track Molten Giant complements the narration with a pulsating march, complementing the majestic musical motifs with a pulsating rhythm and being carried off in an impetuous drive with the introduction of vocals. But instrumental bridges restrain swiftness, complementing the musical image with either pensive romance, or viscous severity before the chorus. In the instrumental part, the music completely discards the rigidity and fury, thoughtfully drawing out patterns on the brooding haze of leisurely doubts.
Flamewalkers continues the style of the title composition, however, following the manner of introduction, which have created the song's main motive. The chorus, the instrumental part and the finale fascinates with incredible melody, complementing the composition with a mysterious mysticism and symphonic inserts.
Dense and pulsating midrange Lavaburst sound chases after vocal phrases, recreating the mysterious charm in instrumental bridges and occasionally rising in bright guitar solos and unsurpassed melodic breaks.
The mystical twilight and symphonic melodies appears Behind the Wall as so majestic and mysterious introduction for the next composition, shrouding gloomy musical covers with the background of unseen chorals. After such an introduction, Shape of New World plunges the perception into the abyss of uncontrollable drive, but from time to time symphony envelops the entire sound of the final composition of the album with its epic covers, combined with the symphonic entry into an unforgettable combination, complementing each other in a unique and unforgettable.