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Where is the local sheriff?

October 31, 2019
Bushwhacker - A Fistful of Poison

The soft and pensive instrumental acoustic saga Prologue sets an intriguing mood for the Bushwhacker - A Fistful of Poison album's introduction, continuing in the next composition ...And They Rode West, thoughtfully erecting the arches and walls of a ghostly cloud castle, complementing musical passages with vocal phrases. Bringing The Saloon atmosphere and other phenomena of the wild west, continuing the narrative of the mysterious legend of the bartender. Then Knives and Teeth embodies the essence of the legend started, embodying it in tunes against a twilight demonic background and the narrative of robbers and treasures. In this composition, vocal and musical fragments become hardened, interrupting the dense and severe drive by the thoughtful guitar solos of instrumental bridges. Continuing the journey with a pensive mysterious narrative The River Blackbegins with a leisurely and cautious creeping up, then the music rolls in waves of severe drive, the vocals complement their part with a rough demonic harsh phrases. Swearing and arguing about the ford, which is not there and the indignation of lying about the paved path, so A Bone of Contention is the introduction to a leisurely gloomy narrative that brings musical passages to the forefront of the background vocal narrative and intertwines the mesmerizing musical mystery of the Bridges Burn ballad. Expanding the stylistic framework of the album, Brother in Blood sometimes transforms vocal phrases to demonic screaming, preserving, however, the epic mystery of the musical narration. The drum roll anticipates the continuation of the style of the previous composition, but the Enter the Wabet rhythmic structure becomes more variable, constantly changing and progressively transforming in a mid-tempo dance.
But The Weighing of the Heart begins the final part of the album with an extravaganza of mesmerizing musical passages, enveloping in an atmosphere of progressive artistry. Then Offhand Remarks embodies the essence of the dialogue between the wanderer and the local resident, completing the album with To the Stars thoughtful and inspiring instrumental composition.