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October 30, 2019
Opeth - In Cauda Venenum

The mesmerizing mystery of the instrumental symphony captivates with intriguing artistry, starting the Opeth - In Cauda Venenum album with an exciting expectation of unique musical variations. Concluding with the phrase of a child’s voice, Garden of Earthly Delights anticipates the beginning of Dignity composition, which captivates with the unity of progressive musical passages and the enchanting mystical atmosphere, which is enhanced by the rhythmic explosion of keyboard notes. The vocal part begins with a muffled whisper intertwined with bewitching acoustic guitar passages and background keyboard notes. But then the vocals, shrouded in the veils of a mystical mystery, gain weight and density of their part. The unbridled laughter of the crowd anticipates the announcement of the announcer and the clouded musical atmosphere pulsating with waves of the Heart in Hand intro. But the introduction of vocals raises banners of inspiration and hope over alarmed musical passages.
The Next of Kin vocals extols pleas, experiences and emotions, anticipating the twilight anthem, enchanting with artistic variations of dark celebration and light inspiration. Lovelorn Crime continues the bewitching romantic atmosphere, dispelling dusk and bringing emotions, feelings and passions to the foreground of the musical image of so charming ballad.
Forcing waves of obscure playfulness and clever variations in the introduction, the vocals give the Charlatan composition a bewitching ambiguity, confusing guesses and expectations. But Universal Truth in the introduction returns to bewitching mystical conjectures, the vocals elevate the epicism and romance of the musical narration to an elevated level, from time to time supplementing it with shades of doubt and experience.
An acoustic guitar solo brings an atmosphere of reflection and doubt to some shade of flamenco, but then the keyboards notes calms the musical canvas and transfers The Garroter to the lounge spaces, enveloping vocal phrases with musical covers with somewhat mystical shades. The muffled drum roll is intertwined with vocal anticipations, then embodied in the ascension of the Continuum majestic anthem, fluttering with banners of inspiration and admiration. All Things Will Pass concludes the album with an artistic interweaving of mystical trends and brooding expectations in a musical atmosphere.