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What you tell me about? I am the guy with the gun!

February 08, 2018
Endlevel - Time to Kill

Assertive, irrefutably and fiercely repeating Panzerblut in the introduction and each refrain, the Endlevel - Time to Kill album begins with a mid-tempo drive theme, combining in it a variety of vocal shades and different musical stylistic nuances of several styles.
Twilight muffled phrases with a distorted guitar accompaniment begins State of Emergency song, then the guitar dissipates the noise, the vocal stiffens and gives out its speech more meaningfully, delivering promises and assurances of irrefutable improvement, in bridges the swift whirlwind of musical fury pushes the pace.
Distracting with a viscous melodic introduction, Violent Moshpit drivess a stormy musical blizzard around the vocal duo's dispute, strive to divide the fans then shuffle them into a violent mosh.
The lyrical melodism of the pensive entry of the title track Time to Kill reveals a part of the main motive, then rolling the rest of the elements and shades in a severe march. A more severe and deep riff of the introduction returns again and again in the bridges that prefacing chorus.
Effectively and memorable guitar solo is the main part of the main motive of the Sounds of the Fallen Soldiers composition, which sounds like a reinterpretation of lighter and more epic musical styles.
Throwing and juggling with attention as if by a meaningless toy the guitar riff Masterpiece of Terrorising envelops the deep vocal part with a simple fichrome passage, returning to this in the bridges, combining them with the dense wall of the rhythm section in the tunnel surrounding the vocal part in verses and choruses.
Partly retaining the energetic drive Legion of Chaos again returns to the rethinking of lighter music, in guitar solos introducing a part of the disco romance of the 80s. But the demonic growling precedes the final scorching devilish indications.
The bright catchy melody with the charming sound of the introduction called as well as the group of song Endlevel grabs attention, the introduction of the vocal precedes the impetuous drive, the melody of the introduction returns in the choruses.
In various constituents of composition Mighty Hunter, both a viscous, measured viscous reef and swift musical vortex are used, combining in a rhythmic, measured mid-tempo chorus. The spicy atmosphere of a hot desert and tales of wise wanderers is brought by the instrumental part, preceded by severe undeniable prophecies, combining several vocal shreds of screaming and growling and anticipating the last refrain.
Vocal is fierce and polysemy dominates in the last album's song Incest (feat. Andi, Ratze & Pete), showing, in addition to extreme styles, vocals performs hysterical clean with shades of harsh vocal's tones.