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You are tough and straight - so never be afraid

February 08, 2018
Failed To Failure - Never Be Afraid

Vague, doubting phrases are woven with a charming melody in the Keep On Rising intro, then the vocals, enveloped in the charm of melodious music, continue the Failed To Failure - Never Be Afraid the album's development.
The mysterious haze of the soft romanticism of the The Black Sheep introduction continues as the angry and persistent march, pulsing with an irresistible rhythmic downturn.
Mysterious and gloomy musical motifs cover everything around with Weakened gloomy haze, over which a bright and memorable guitar solo hovers as lambent spell.
The grim and frightening scream of the vocals lays the foundations of a horrible, grim I narrative, frightening at different tempos and rhythmic structure, harshly and toughly enveloping minds with the fetters of horror. Nightmare continues this atmosphere of irresistible horror, the melodious musical pulsation reinforces the fetters of an obscure horror leading to the universal, Apocalypse which rolls in the dark march the unrestrained triumph of evil and vice.
Title track Never Be Afraid begins with the convictions of an unusual, amusing clean vocal to dispel this fear and horror, again and again convince already with a fierce and majestic growling - nothing and never be afraid.
Playfully dancing, Dealing With The Pain offers a dangerous game in which victory will bring grace and wealth, so defeat will grant pain and suffering.
No one else has ever seen other imaginary creatures, but Boogeyman exists for all who is afraid of him.
Twisting the bright melodic whirlwind into the introduction, entangling the vocal doubts, Feeling Frustrated continues with an unforgettable melody, from time to time sweeping the stiff drive of assertive energy.
The swift drive carries away breathtaking guitar riffs and gloomy vocal phrases bursting out of their gloomy fog, uprising This Is My Time in a bright and melodic chorus.
The wolf howl in the pre-dawn dusk brings vague expectations of a hiding danger, elusive phantom myths and an unclear subconscious Werewolf phobia. All this is embodied in a unique melodic musical image, which I want to listen again and again.
The vocal screams hammers Evil Entity introduction to the mind, completing the album with a confident rolling march, promoting the main motive with a confident and steady pace.