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What would synchronize this reality?

June 24, 2018
Hypnotheticall - Synchreality

Synchronism To The Light symphony begins with enchanting and lofty motives, inspiring to further listening to the Hypnotheticall - Synchreality album with instrumental delights. Keyboard passages add some futuristic sound to the introduction Where All The Trees Bend, the vocals start incredibly dreamy reflections, later twisted in the marvelous vortices with musical changes. In the end, the composition becomes tougher, enveloping the nervous vocal phrases with worrying motives.
In the introduction, returning to the symphony, Tribal Nebula goes through the mid-tempo march to the introduction and choruses, supplementing the symphonic background with epic reflections, in verses incredibly complicating and unraveling the rhythmic structure of the composition.
Overflowing with synthetic colors, The Spell dreams call for dreamy vocal phrases, interwoven with them in meditative interlacing, from time to time becoming an incredibly romantic ballad.
Thoughtfully and mysteriously growing from the very beginning of the introduction, the Industrial Memories main motive seems to hide from the haunting ghosts. Especially it is necessary to allocate wonderful and wonderful guitar solo in the instrumental part of the composition.
A marvelous guitar fingering break enfolds thoughts and perception with a mysterious fog, as if hiding the further development of the Dreaming In Digital composition. But forebodings do not deceive - this is a very romantic, thoughtful and deeply sad ballad. Then, retaining romanticism and charm, the song compacts and makes the sound a bit heavier.
Viscous, mysterious and majestic guitar riffs and vocal phrases in Solstice Of Emotions verses creates the foundation for the ascension 1 in the choruses higher and higher.
Abolishing at first the limitations of style, In Hatred enchants us with a very futuristic symphony, bringing shades of synth pop and futuristic techno. But the vocal keeps the thoughtfulness and romanticism, keeping the composition within certain limits. Hard, severe and viscous beginning Rumors envelops the perception of obscure charming speculation, bringing thoughts first with sharp screams, then dreamy reflections creating an amazing synthesis of the ragged drive and thougtfull ballad.
Acoustic guitar fingering riffs combine their thoughtful motifs with majestic orchestral suites, completing the album with an exciting Analog Dream Experience instrumental symphony.